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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Satanic are the greatest Racists on the Planet

Rod Serling the author of the Twilight Zone abhorred racism in all its forms.

What the worlds population has never known is that the Satanic are represented in every religion, race and demographic group on the planet and the are the greatest racists the world has ever known, bar none!!!

The victims of satanic racism for money and soul are indeed labeled schizophrenics and there is no greater horror than those who purpotrate this hidden form of racism.

Why has Satan been so very hard to catch?  Because the satanic dawn the exact same mind as their victims have!!  It is never as good a nind as the victim because it is second hand and not based on love.  This is what has led to the ruin of every lost civilization on the planet.  In order to complete the process the Satanic must destroy the "mold" or mind that they were imprinted from.  This is how evil has won over good in the world time after time throughtout histroy.

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