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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The psychology of Middle Eastern Bomb Makers 05 10 2012

The first image I saw this morning was that of a Middle Eastern bomb maker on television and this is what I thought, "The young American male sees a video in High School about a guy down south who like to make bombs.  He is gloating as he is holding an incendiary device in his hand and explaining about why bomb making is good.  The next thing we notice is that he does not have any fingers on his left hand.  We then think, that risk would never be worth the knowledge or adrenalin high gained.  Contrast this to the Middle Eastern young man who would look at the hand with missing fingers and think, that is nothing it looks like my mother she has been missing her leg from a land mine for 9 years."

The next thing I always thought was, "Who would want to have to live the rest of their life like that." A Spaniard once said to me in argument about a disfigured person, "He is probably perfectly happy that way."

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