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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Airport Security Scans should give us images sent to our Emails

Airport Security Scans should give us images sent to our Emails  05 08 2012

The latest Al Qaida (sp?) threat is bombs surgically implanted in people who go aboard planes.  The only way to combat that threat is to develop DC type airport X-Rays to scan people as they go through the check in points.  DC is different than AC and it uses very little radiation many new age dentists utilize it. 

Our nation is labeled 26th in the world in terms of health care- someone told me in passing.  That is pretty bad!!!!  A person ought to be able to provide an email address ahead of time and provide a ticket upon passing through the X-Ray machine that emails them a copy of their X-RAY as they pass through the check in at the Air Port.  Doctors could no longer claim a legal defense that they no longer had X-rays that proved they were negligent in their treatment.  And every consumer could also easily learn how to read an X-ray to refute false diagnoses.

For all the intrusions on our rights we ought to be able to be provided with this no cost service in return.  This would make our health care system a lot more affordable.  The X-rays would have to be quick and provide a three D image of the human body as well as expose one to very minute radiation.

If you remember a prior post of mine I professed that all government buildings should have drug and narcotic testing scanners built right into the urinal walls and drains.  This would clean out our government very quickly of those who do not have our best interest at heart.

To be honest I believe that an alcohol user has no place in public government.

By the way, we need leaders of transparency and integrity so we do not have to worry about threats to national security from "rogue's."

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