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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Voting Rights 11 30 2011

There needs to be a great change in the voting rights in this country to take into account revelation of the dependent minded race of wealth creation.

All Dependent minded Voters, votes should only county for 1 % of a Independent minded voters vote.

And therefore and Independent minded persons vote would count for 100 times that of an dependent minded person.

Why?  Because the dependent minded are Satanic and they are likely to get us into wars that could lead to the end of the world.  And also most dependent minded are Republicans and have a mindset that is contrary to the minds they were raised on.  That is why very little is done for the greater good of the people of this country.

The Satanic are soulless just like Jesus told us they were.  And because they are soulless they live of the mind of another person.  They also steal anything of intellectual significance from the person they are dependent minded to.  Therefore the very nature of their being is irresponsibility.

This needs to be recognized the world over before these idiots destroy us all!  They do not belong in government or positions of authority or responsibility over others.

They flourished under the freedoms of the United States and this has lead to our limited freedoms.  Why?  Because they represented themselves as something they were not in our world.

Just what they do to the individuals they are dependent minded to, destroy, they do to everyone as a whole.

Jesus had a phrase concerning them, "They know not what they do."  I could add to that, "They know what they know but they do not know how they know it!"  And yet they have the greatest confidence in the world to make decisions!  And the wrong ones.  Why because their knowledge is not based on personal experience.  It is based on fleeting visions and a connection to the ones they demonize and label schizophrenic.
Don't get me wrong, some are very good people and make great friends.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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