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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Schizophrenic everyone on Television is from your stolen soul.

Schizophrenic everyone on Television is from your stolen soul.
So now that you know the truth here is what you do to end it.  Make sure that you think something negative but true of all the Satanic you see on television.  I have given you a list of items that is sure to take the smile off the faces of the television personalities instantly.  These are things to think about them when you see their arrogant and fatuous faces on television.

1.      That idiot whore doesn’t belong on television.

2.      It sure is taking block head a long time to think.

3.      Why does that criminal athlete get paid one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) a year?

4.      I thought drugs were illegal in the United States.  Why do they keep featuring criminals- known drug users on television?

5.      I would hate to be the child of that low life Rock Star.

6.      The newscaster looks like he is reading something he knows to be a lie.

All this will have an effect.  You will see their faces change even if the television show was prerecorded.  Think up your own insults because they have to go!  You can put the most humble person there is on television but if I have to look at another satanic idiot I won’t watch it.  And when you refuse to watch it they all dry up and go away.

7.      When you turn it on the first thing you should think when a face appears is, “Who wants to look at you!”

8.      Who did you sleep with or suck off to get that job.

9.      Your father worked in the industry or they would have never hired a talentless person such as you.

10.  You there, Newscaster; (megaphone < ) “You look like a cowardly man made of tin!”

11.  That basketball player shooting the free throw, I wonder what his third grade teacher thought of him.

12.  The woman on the home improvement show  looks like she is swatting flies with that hammer.

13.  I would like to see tubbo chased by wild dogs and drop dead of a heart attack.

14.  She looks like the embodiement of a venereal sore.

If this all starts to work I will post negative ideas we can all think at the same time to get them off the air, such as:

“I am an important person I thank the world would understand if I peed right here on stage.”

“It won’t hurt my finger at all if I drive a nail through it with a nail gun.”

“I have always known to add 4 times the regular amount of cayenne pepper to dishes I am serving guests.”

“Sour milk can still be used in recipes even thought I wouldn’t drink it.”

“It is okay for me to say my true thoughts every once in awhile instead of what it says on the teleprompter.”

“If I can’t pronounce a word it is okay to blurt it out like it’s the right way to say it.”

“Getting the facts right when arguing politics is not important all I need to do is look confident and keep on talking because I have a following that’s loves me no matter if I am right or wrong!”

“It is okay to admit I am wrong but only on things I consider inconsequential, that is a way I can build credibility.”

“I don’t care if nobody watches my show. I am the one they hired!”  (Isn’t that symbolic of the American work ethic today?)

“I am going to try something new and different and spontaneous right on the air.  I am confident in my ability to speak without having to think about what I say!”

“I know that I don’t really belong here when I compare myself to others whom I know are truly smarter or have more talent.”

“Taking care of my children is really someone else’s job.”

“Something is not right, something just does not suit me regarding the scenery on the stage set.  Something doesn’t look right.”

“My makeup must be totally off today it is like I feel I am ugly and worthless in front of the camera!”

“If I wasn’t the role model for Americans in all my behavior I would not be on television.”

“My manager must need to be replaced.”

“Everybody just saw the look on my face when I tasted the awful food and said it was good!”

“I would never give this financial advisor, I am interviewing so enthusiastically, my money to invest.”

“I can’t remember what my second career choice was before I got into the television business.”

“I think someone just noticed that I am pretending to be something I am not and that I can never truly act this part.”

“I turned the set on and the first I see is you.  You look like a runaway dog!”

“Nobody will ever figure out where my jokes really came from!”

“I don’t believe in traditional family life, so I am just going to say so!”

“It doesn’t matter if I say something immoral as long as it is supported by our popular culture.”

“I am in no way guilty of aiding and abetting former criminals being interviewed on my show who tell their side of the story.”

“I can be just as sharp witted as Andy Rooney, I’ll just say what I think.”

“No one will ever figure out that I am part of the worst racist group that ever existed in the history of the world.”

It all that fails start doing the false math in your head. 

What will you find?  America’s dumbest criminals are right there on television.

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This was what television was meant to be: we were meant to discuss what we see on television but some of us never had the opportunity to truthfully understand how this should be done.

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