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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Cabin Boys 12 09 2013

The Cabin Boys

The Catholic Priests
What are they creating when they sexually molest boys?  And it was very widespread phenomenon and it is not normal human being behavior; even though some high paid freak will try and convince us otherwise with a jibberish book and research.  The evil of this world never want children to feel miserable about what was done to them by adults!  That is exactly the wrong approach that should be taken!  And it is indeed a projection of self pity!  So what do we see in the case with the Catholic Priests?  We see that the Cabin Boys are then called on to become Priests themselves!  This is a construct that has to be ended once and for all and for good!
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson had Cabin Boys and girls.  Is it just me or does anyone else think that it would or should be very hard for a famous person to have boys and girls sleep with him without the media getting right on it?  But what I find even more disturbing is that you would think there would be absolutely no parents in the world that would part with their children to have them sleep over at Never Never Land in the Bed with Michael Jackson?  But somehow they were easy to find!  And good ole witches chin Jay Leno backed Michael Jackson up!  I find that very disturbing!!
People are created into success and when they are successful they seek to have Cabin Boys and Girls?  It doesn’t speak too much about them or how they were driven or motivated to become successful!  So here we have the construct of a parent abusing a child so that it seeks to become successful!!  And indeed Adolf Hitler was one of these!  And yet this construct has not been covered by social services or psychology.  Give the horrors that people become I would be inclined to say both the child and parents should be executed when this occurs.  I mean really, were there not good children of good parents who should rise above a talent that was sexually molested by father figures only to do the same to children once they too become successful!  It seems our society works in just the opposite of how it should be!  The reason being a lot of hag boys become adult males and can’t stand normal men; so they don’t dare promote them out of jealousy of their normal parent child relationship?
And how do I really view Michael Jackson?  He was something that was created out of conflict to make a great source of money and then extinguish or implode like a firework.  But what lived on is an income stream, every scintilla of it making people here and their wealthy!  We would have been better off if he had not been created?  And not only that because he was created from child abuse I don't believe it is right that the rights to his work should live on as contracts and ownership rights that can be bought an sold as investments?  Anyone else in the world see it that way? You screwed him up so that he became successful, he made a fortune and then died because of the screw up, but people live off of his wealth created to this day.  Something wrong there.  One of those perfect crime things?  An unseen cashing in on human misery?  Because he was screwed up he could be manipulated.  And if he could not have been manipulated he would not have been allowed to rise to stardom??? It is an odd element of wanting to control talent out of envy or create talent out of what cannot truly be envied?

Pirates Cabin Boys
Whose kidnapped son is it that the pirates made a cabin boy out of?  Can you think of anything worse than that?  A pirate kidnapping a good son of someone that spoke up against pirates and making him his cabin boy.  And indeed the New York Stock Exchange that drained the U.S. economy into the Great Depression was formed out of the Dutch West Indies Corporation; basically pirates for hire by an Evil Queen or King?  And isn’t it very interesting that after our German American Stock Market crash Germany somehow had money to build up for a war?  So we do indeed have a construct of person that makes a lot of money and then seeks to take us to war as a matter of reverting to pirate behavior?  Something like that.  Dare you to read this at your morning squawk box!

A Childhood Friend and his new friend
When I was a boy I had a best friend.  One day he told me of his new friend.  He was the son of a wealthy new car dealer.  One day he invited me over to his house and that new friend was there.  And they were kissing each other and asked me if I wanted to join them.  I didn’t.  But these two grew up to become married and successful.  One was Jewish and the other German and I don’t know of what religion. But later in school they had a click of friends that they hung out with.  Some of them are big whigs involved in the local Catholic Church and some are psychologists.  Some even were billed to the rest of us by the Italian humanities professor and being candidates to go into politics!  Needless to say I believe they were all childhood homos and that it is not a normal behavior in any respect for boys!  And I do indeed believe it bonds these odd men in wealth status as adults.  But I have to ask myself, what ever got into them that made them kiss one another?
Might have had an evil older sister with a mustache that did this to them?  But did she get the hormonal mustache from being forced to perform oral sex on her father?
But what if they were indeed loaned out to older men as Cabin Boys?  That would indeed create a wealth bond that they would never want to reveal!  That secret they would keep tighter than the safe door on Fort Knox.  From what we know about children in foster homes there is more of a demand for boys and girls to sexually abuse.  And in the case I am illustrating does it amount to, let this creepy rich old man sleep with your son and you are a made man?  I believe there is a strong element of truth to that!  And of course we also have the NAMBLA organization, North American Men who Love Boys or something like that?  Any time I see that adult male with two boys and one or both do not look like his own I start to wonder.  And maybe that should be a law.  A man with two boys should indeed be required to show identification and relationship to them?  When you see that feminine expression or lust on that adult males face…
Sure we want to have those organizations that are weekend fathers and all that.  But society would be better served if we eliminated the cause of broken families and bad fathers in the first place; and that is alcohol and other drugs!  I know it is true!!! You drive nail after nail into me on a cross and you would not get me to change that belief and what it means!
Is the above behavior indeed standard per a religion?  That question needs to be asked!

Yesterday I wrote how I believed that Unions were created to exclude sons who did not have a miserable childhood like the Cabin Boys did from working!  In effect the Union Boss only hiring or wanting to work with Cabin Boys like he was too, because he does not feel comfortable working along side sons raised by responsible and educated adults!
I can tell you what it is, it is a human being with a dead walnut in the center of its brain where its hippocampus is supposed to be!

Castro the U.S. Military and Gauntanamo Bay, drug trade through Mexico
There used to be a talk show called the Morton Downey Junior talk show.  It was televised.  Morton was a chain smoker! And he is not the same as the actor who starred in the movie Less Than Zero.  But what Morton said was, was that when Castro visited with a United States President and landed in his helicopter he had two boys in those sado masochism leather head covers that had zipper holes for mouths!  What significance does this have with regard to the Bay of Pigs incident with Russia and the assassination of President Kennedy?  I can tell you that the mafia was trying to move into Texas and that Jack Rubinstein was bribing Texas Sheriffs with Prostitutes and also running guns to Cuba.  So Jack Ruby was involved in Prostitution and also Castro had Cabin Boys?  The point is we have a military base in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.  It is said we keep Al Qaeda prisoners there because they are too dangerous to keep on domestic soil?  Do you really expect me to believe that?  If they are that dangerous should they not be executed?   If someone is really that dangerous and is going to pose a continuing threat to the good people of the United States they should indeed be executed.  You have let a person that does not believe in the Constitution live to fight another day against it; that really means you don’t believe in it???  So we are getting at what you must be?
Is there Prostitution involved at that military base in Guantanamo Bay Cuba?  Is that why all the generals go there?  When I think about this I want to say that all U.S. military bases the world over should be destroyed by us.  But if we did that then what would happen in those foreign countries that would come back to haunt us?  And indeed what evidence is there at those foreign bases of illegal type activity?  Such as a whole barracks full of soft beds away from the main prison? The real question is what has come back to haunt us because the American Grunt is there in the first place!
So you have a whole barracks full of soft beds away from the main prison where Guantanamo Bay prisoners received favorable treatment?  What was that treatment?  Homosexuality with top ranking U.S. Military officials?  Or where they bribed with U.S. prostitutes in an effort to gain whore control of them?  I am leaning towards the former belief of those two being true.  Generals had to approve homos in the Military.  And I do indeed have a problem with that.  Would an honest American Son be more likely to be subject to death by friendly fire; killed by a butch homo who was jealous of man?  You can’t tell me that assertion is not true!  And I do believe they are created as a partial mental defect is caused by alcohol on conception and in the womb development, something about sexual identity or human identity being stripped of them by oxidative cell death caused by alcohol.
Was not Castro advertising to the American Satanic Elite childhood prostitution involving boys?  Is the drug trade through Mexico governed by Cuba?  Does Russia have an evil hand in it today too?  If a man wanted a boy Prostitute from Cuba he would just take the Jack Rubinstein boat to Cuba?  And how are all those Hispanics getting into Florida.  I am getting to the point that I believe all satanic minded should be evicted from the United States and we turn a blind eye to what happens to them wherever they end up!  And that grouping transcends all demographics from rich to poor in the United States!  What we stand for in the United States is no longer valid because we have constructs of people that were created and diametrically oppose those ideals?  And what do the weak minded always say about ideals, they are impossible!  It isn’t true.  That statement is really a revelation that it is impossible for you to meet the human being standards in our Constitution!  And that is indeed where we are getting today.  The Constitution being viewed as a Utopian Idealism and therefore impossible and therefore should be discarded in favor of Middle Eastern law.  What that really means is that the Constitution has been mis-referenced time and again in legislation!  And who would do such a thing?  Those who cannot abide by it for some mental defect?
So if you are not anything by the age of 18 you join the military?  If you can’t read and have a low IQ what good to you do the human race?  If you are prone to drinking and violence such as bar fights what are you doing in the land of the free; you don’t belong here!
Clinton, Reagan, Obama?
Clinton of English blood raised by a step father, Reagan got his foot right in the door of the acting business, and Obama too was raised by a single mother.
Both that thing that fucked and sucked its father and the father should be gone!
The foster care and adoption network:  What do we know about them?  Those children are treated like Cabin Boys and told that the sexual molestation is normal.  Will each of those children grow up to become the same thing?  The odds are pretty good of that happening!
The gypsies: The gypsies had their cabin boys too!  And who exactly were the gypsies? (I will have to look that one up.)  But we know that India Indians had them.
So how do we know if a political candidate was a former cabin boy and what does it mean with regard to our nation and politics.  Cabin Boys groomed for politics!  He is not going to do anything to upset the status quo!  Why because he is being rewarded by that tribe for a childhood of abuse and he is not going to give up that fame!!!!  It is sick but I believe it is very accurate and true!  Most of our politicians have been like puppets on strings.
Once that boy is a Cabin Boy he is likely to revert to the same thing as an adult!  That is just the way psychological development works.  The person who victimized him was not brought to justice hence he has not positive role model as an adult male.  To justify his own miserable childhood he has to ruin another child’s life as an adult.
And of course after I write this someone will have to create a television documentary telling how being a Cabin boy really wasn’t all that bad???  That is indeed how our media thinks!  The construct of not wanting people to feel miserable about what was done to them?  Because when you are miserable about it you seek justice!  And when seek justice you cripple a gypsy based power structure?  Isn’t that the Mafia’s favorite saying, “Dead men tell no tales?”  It means they were cabin boys?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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