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Monday, December 30, 2013

Monopoly Justice 12 30 2013

Monopoly Justice 12 30 2013

It is kind of like when you pick up the chance card that tells you to go directly to jail!

1. A landlord has repeated violations with regard to property upkeep?  All his tenants should get the ownership rights to those properties free and clear!  The bank and the landlord get stuck!  And that landlord is no longer allowed to own rental property!

2. A livestock owner is caught abusing livestock with chains etc?  That farmer is no longer allowed to own livestock nor may the farming rights be transferred to a related party.  I will go so far as to say we can give those cows to India Indian Americans as presents and send them to India with them!  They would be the National heroes of India.  (They worship the cow in India.)

When someone commits a repeated crime relate to business they indeed set the example of what other people in the same industry can too get away with!  And the others will say that they need to do it to in order to remain competitive! It leads to a criminalized society that hires people based on networking!  Networking really being a principle of, "When in Rome do as the Romans do?"  We don't need that fighting and chipping away at our Constitution and Democracy!

Why should someone who engages in a criminal activity related to business be allowed to continue to operate in that business?  Milken was indeed barred from Wall Street for junk bonds.  We can indeed have a broader scope to that concept!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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