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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Karl Pierson and Gun Control 12 18 2013 Updated with other good snippets

Karl Pierson 12 18 2013

Reviewing what happened there.  After he injured that teenage girl he turned the gun on himself and killed himself.

That fact that mothers can't stand about gun violence is that 1/3 of the cases of gun deaths are suicide with a gun.  That is what the gun control movement is all about.  These kids want to be everything everyone else is; the son of a another father gets a gun and he has to have one too!  One gets a pair $100 tennis shoes and the next has to have them too.  One of their parents buys them a car and the other has to have his father buy him one too.  One grows up buying a slaughter video game and the next has to have one too.  One drinks a Dinkleacker beer and then the next young fellow wants to have the same brain memory learning poison, also capable of causing what is called Alcohol Psychosis.  But you never hear that mentioned in any of these teenage boy shootings!  Alcohol can atrophy teenage brain growth of the hippocampus by as much as 10%!!!  To put that in perspective when you compare a mans brain size to a females you find out that the mans is 10% larger!!!  One wants this the other has to have it too!  You get it, but guns are different!  Those fathers did not even have the responsibility to have and teach how to safely use guns.

We need guns for many reasons.  In Wisconsin Bears have pulled people away from their homes and eaten them!  Wolves will do the same.  And you can't put out a poisoned salt lick like I read in a published reader comment in a local newspaper.

And this is an Eagle Scout and not a victim of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts.

This is a reality check!!!  And I am getting to the main point!

Would not that girl who was a victim of Pierson's violence been better off if Karl just stayed home and shot himself that day?  I know it sounds horrible.  But that person was violent to another person!  And it makes you wonder if him or others like them were indeed violent all their lives?  And alcohol makes it a lot worse!

When society reads those statistics we are led to assume that everyone of those persons was a good person to start with!  I can tell you without a doubt it isn't true!

There was a time in United States history when everyone was required to own a gun!  Why?  Has to be for the above reason.

Now I remember watching the Hulk Hogan show and hearing him tell about how he got so made that he put a gun to his head and was about to kill himself.  This was indeed a man who was billed as a role model to little boys nationwide!  So what is the point?  Our networked society has given us fraudulent and false role models and it is coming back to haunt us!

It would have been better if he had just killed himself first!  I just view that as reality.  And you can't intervene with someone like that!!! He was an Eagle Scout!  (And should not have been!) Have I known of Eagle Scouts that should have never been Eagle Scouts?  Every single Eagle Scout I ever met I have come to the conclusion should have never been an Eagle Scout!  The son of our troop leader at the Catholic School gave me alcohol while out on a camp.  Then they were all doing pot.  They surrounded me and made me do it too!  I faked the inhale as best I could.  And then they tried to rape me!  It took off running fast and got away!  And that new word for me pederasty seems to be very prevalent in this concept!  It was indeed the basis of Nazi Germany.  And FDR based the Boy Scouts off of the pederasty German bird scouts or something like that!  FDR was indeed the President that took us to War in WWII after saying we were neutral and giving Great Britain are long time enemy aid for years beforehand!  He also believed in Eugenics and his brother Theodore said that he tried everything that he could to graft Nazi Eugenics on the USA.  These are not coincidental events that all occurred at the same time!  Charles Van Hise the President of the University of Wisconsin Madison believed that the large man would ultimately prevail in the future or survive better than the small one.  The Hulk is quintessential example of one such man and he put a loaded gun to his own head!  FDR also believed in a concept called surrender of individuality as a key tenet of his New Deal.  But what does every kid that went to grade school know about the kid that is the biggest in class?  He is also likely the dumbest and meanest.  Now we have been told that alcohols influence on fetal alcohol syndrome is that those babies are smaller.  But that isn't really true!  Those children are more built like apes; they are a lot stronger than the other children!  Why, because their bones are not as long they can build muscle quicker because they have more leverage!  A monkey is supposed to be how many times stronger than a human!  Now we know that they are strong.  But what if some were indeed bigger than the other children instead of smaller as science has told us?  Well that is exactly the way it is isn't it?  The biggest kid in class is usaully the dumbest and meanest?  And that meanness is also a sign of brain defect.

And of the gays?  Is it really normalized because men were victims of pederasty and then participated in it when they were young.  They don't want to live with that shame so they are the ones who say it is normal?  It has to do with a defect related to what ones own personal identity is!!! And please just suspend your disbelief for a second.....  wouldn't you believe that a defect related to ones own personal identity might be caused by something like alcohol?  Alcohol known to negatively effect the hippo campus and indeed be the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere?  The hippo campus being responsible for memory and learning.

I wonder if there are any parents out that who would have the belief, "Before someone else's child tries to push drugs on mine and create something that looks like a zomby, maybe it would be best if somehow that child was never around mine?"   Don't lie to yourself and tell yourself they don't!

We already know that those who attempt to commit suicide are also a danger to others!  And interestingly enough those that deal drugs to other people but don't take them themselves don't view themselves as a danger to themselves; so here we have them being a danger to other people but not themselves?  We don't intervene adequately with them because they are not a known danger to themselves?  Well there is some implication to that which needs to be elucidated.  But we have people that are ruining other peoples lives left and right and somehow they have not been brought to justice!

Now Hillary is being interviewed by Barbara Walters and I don't believe either of them have a clue!  Indeed on the Barbara Walters View show they stated that men have pederasty type sex with one another and don't consider themselves homosexuals!  And that is indeed what happened in Nazi Germany!  So that news about it occurring in the U.S. from Walters is indeed very disturbing!

So we get the gun control push from the same mothers that want to legalize pot?  Drugs have absolutely no place in the United States of American and those that believe in them are incompatible with our Constitution!

And that is all to this article.  Sure I could have made it better.  Sure I could have proof read it too.  But it is what it is.  If you have ever read the Constitution you will see that it is written in a similar matter and punctuation.

So what would the proper neo righteous decision with regard to this really be!  For those ones who say, "We must take action and we must take it now!"  Well that would be to confiscate the guns of every Eagle Scout in the history of the United States.  I believe there was one in my neighborhood who was arrested for having 16 hard drives full of boys being raped and tortured in what the judge said was the worst images she ever saw in her life!

And one more thing!

Self inflicted violence should not be called that because it lessens the concept of violence that normal people experience from violent people!  Honest to God!  Have you ever walked down the street and seen a person who was being violent to themselves? It is impossible!  A dog chases its tail is about as close a concept definition as you can get!  But it is really a sign of a mental defect!  Now a man might beat up another man for raping his wife and that is violence.  But if he is hitting himself in the head with a hammer that isn't violence.  Violence implies a victim other than yourself!  There should have never been a semantic legalese applied to it!  And here I am getting back into the overprotective mother drift!  And sure enough we do have a problem with single parent families!  We even have a problem with two parent families where the man has a hippo campus that is 10% less than it should be because of alcohol abuse!  But the point here is; where is the mans mind to imprint the son with
!!!!  And imprinting is a valid mind to mind concept; proven!  But oddly enough there is another mind to mind concept that they seem to deny as if it were the Holy Grail!!!!  One exists and is certain so no others can exist?  Like Jesus asked again, "Where was John's baptism from...."

So a son is indeed imprinted by his father.  Jesus would ask the same people who was indeed exorcised from a mans mind that was not his own son?

And one more point!  Isn't there a bit of Communism in determining that priests must be celibate!  The principle of determining what someone is supposed to be!!!!  That makes the Catholic Religion a Communist propagandizing religion! Looks like I have just found an evil weed amongst us!

Where in the Bible does it declare a priest must be Celibate?  Where?  If it wasn't in the Bible where is the REASON.  Now I went to Catholic school for 8 years and I cannot remember being told a reason that resonated as being valid; and when it does not resonate as being valid I tend to forget it or use it as a scratching point.  That is a woman's concept! Hence communism is also a woman's form of Government!  I am not anti-woman, other than to say their brains are 10 percent smaller.  So in a Democracy even a woman might want to see that the brain that is 10 percent bigger does the thinking for the rest of us?  A woman determines which men can and can't marry?  There is nothing more horrific than that!  And that is where this religion came from!  The Romans weren't men and never were!  Men would never create a Religion where men were not allowed to marry.  Determining things like that is communism!

And good God what platform would Hillary Clinton run on?  Being a proponent of ideas that are a direct contraction of the Constitution she is being sworn in to protect!  If that is an impeachable offense it also has to be an offense that does not allow a person to be listed on the final voting ticket!!!  Let's see it says' right here that you have already made statements that would be an impeachable offense if you were to be elected President so you are disqualified!  We need that rule quickly!  Disqualification from the ticket because you are already violating the Constitution that you would be sworn in to protect as President!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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