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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Bible and Celibacy 12 20 2013

The Bible and Celibacy 12 20 2013

Celibacy is a curse!

The closest I can come to a biblical reference is that "Man cannot serve two masters!"

Look at the context of that sentence.  The word "Masters" is used!  That means that who ever wrote that viewed man and something that answers to a Master!  That implies all men are to be a form of people that are to be enslaved!

But also Leviticus a man is supposed to be put to death if he sleeps with another man.

So a man is not supposed to sleep with man nor beast per the Bible.  But for some reason the Catholic Faith also say's he cannot sleep with a woman if he is a religious leader?

Matthew 6:24
Luke 16:13

Jesus Christ was indeed a Lord!  He indeed referred to himself as that!  Lord means the same thing as God!  Also Englishmen title themselves as Lords today even though the ones that are do not seem deserving of the title!  This is indeed the Nation that worshiped the monkey mocking the concept of what a Lord or God actually was in the Bible!  It is like after the Roman empire did away with men they all called themsleves Lords and Church/State Gods in order to mock the nature of man and confuse the concept in future history!  England also burnt all the Irish Books!  Irish books were indeed written and based in the language of the vernacular!  That is indeed the language the common people and uncommon people use in everyday common conversations!

And do we not face a great hurdle when the language not of the vernacular is used in the United States?  This English concept was used vehemently to try and confuse and disprove that cigarette smoking caused cancer for well over half a century!  And if  you ever lost money in the stock market or as the country was a victim of financial fraud with the mortgage crisis and indeed usury, or even with medical fraud...what are we faced against?  Argument that relies on words that are not of the vernacular!  And when you ask such a person to boil it down to the vernacular they get very rude mean and insulting; indeed the jabs at your intelligence come out and the sales tactic is to lessen your belief in yourself and your position by undercutting your self esteem!  Men have been enslaved in this fashion!  And indeed England aided the Confederate South in the Civil War.  We also see this gobbelly gook written with regard to mental illness!  You would think there would be at least one case of mental illness that was caused by fraud much as people are found innocent after serving years in prison.  But you don't hear about that!  But more to the point, the Englishman FDR and his Lesbian wife brought back alcohol to the country.  We never hear of that point either, so and so had alcohol psychosis!  A break in reality caused by alcohol abuse!  Well how many cases of psychosis can indeed be attributed to alcohol use?  Every single one!  Why?  Because it causes oxidative cell death to the human brain.  Specifically it targets the hippo campus!  The hippo campus is responsible for learning and memory and therefore identity; including sexual identity!  Your memory is the first to go!  That is because it is dependent upon your hippo campus and therefore your hippo campus is the most subject to oxidative cell death!  Your personal identity is formed from your hippo campus function of your brain! Hence FDR's wife was a Lesbian because of defect at birth!  But what happens to those who are born with a defective hippo campus?  They are dependent upon alcohol all their lives as a matter of escapism from the void of their personal identity caused by the alcohol related brain development defect!  Not only that they don't know what their own identity is.  It is like they pull their identity out of the thin air!  And indeed Procula determine the fate of Jesus Christ on just that basis; he gave me a terrible dream!  The lead wine Romans also believed that the soul of Jesus Christ could be resurrected in themselves!  Hence after he was crucified it was not until the third person came around that they saw it actually resembled him?  The others were completely delusional about their personal identity just as a pederasty Roman or Greek soldier was gay!  And so were the Nazi Germans; but only the Butch side!  See when you have no personal identity as a man you tend to view men that are good fathers as being weak even though you yourself engage in pederasty with other men!  Indeed like a Shrewdness of monkey's does! 

Alcohol causes psychosis but so do other drug that poison the brain.  Basically anyone who takes a drug in the first place has a break with reality or psychosis because they are seeking either escapism from reality or indeed the sense of elation from achievement when they didn't achieve at all!  And that is what drugs are!  So indeed every single drug user can be diagnosed with pyschosis!  And that should have happened a long time ago in the land of the free with the Constitution!  Oh what I was getting at is the women used the anticholinergenic drug belladonna or atropha to dilate their eyes to lure men to them as servants!  And servants were indeed castrated and uniced!  And hence the meaning of the phrase "Man can not serve two masters?"  That is indeed the basis of the first psychotics!  And what makes the best servant; a man who has had his mind poisoned with Belladonna and indeed had it atrophied!

A Priest being celibate likely comes from the Roman Woman desiring to have a MAN as a servant!  And indeed those first priests were likely those who had been castrated!  And how do priests make the calling to boys to become priests?  I referenced an Bible verse from the Gallations on this, but through sexual abuse!

And who were the lead priests?  Those who were the sons of a Procula who had no personal identity?  So that religion is indeed a vicious circle of abuse and the psychological warping of the personalities after they have been traumatized!  Does trauma warp a personality?  As if the threat of being killed by an Oilman living in the rocks and wielding an AK-47 isn't enough Servicemen and women have to deal with sexual abuse in our own military!  Right under the commander in chiefs nose!  And what is the evidence with the terrorist that initiated the war on the U.S. well they were indeed funded by the Saudi Government!  And those high oil prices also caused profits of our oil company children's parents to be increased.  And it is not like our United States oil companies don't have daily conversations with the very people that fund the terrorism on the United States! They have to as the money is transferred and the logistics of transportation issues are hashed out!  And indeed they Amoco/Standard oil is own by British Petroleum!  Somehow through the concept of the Corporation as piracy they ended up with a larger foothold in America that men would have ever let them have!  Indeed the American citizen is a slave to both high oil prices and also usury interest rates from U.S. banks because of Great Britain and England?  Don't believe me?  It was the LIBOR (London Interbank Offer Rate) that was rigged and created the mortgage crisis that almost sent us into another great depression.  I want those English out of the United States!  They have also infiltrated the Republican Party under the fraudulent historical guise of being a Tea Party!  The Republican party was founded under the principle of freeing the slaves!  The founders also believed in the existence of mental slavery.  And also it is worth noting that the Puritans that founded the United States believed in demonic possession; and they did indeed flee England in spite of what someone might try and prove to you to the contrary!  That is a different breed!

In summary I have yet to find a rational basis in the Bible for priests having to be Celibate!  The basis for it comes from the horrors of the Roman Empire!  And the Irish that initially saved the religion and humanity can not stand those Catholic Churches in their country today because of all the sexual molestations that occurred!  That which saved it and validated it now condemns it; but not for what it says in the Bible but for the Satanic in the Catholic Church!  What we really needed is to be able to diagnose someone as being of the dependent mind, or satanic!  But you will never see that happen because it will get back to alcohol and that is their cash cow and source of family wealth and control of society!

"We judge people by how they perform both on the field and off the field."  Now Barrack just said that regarding gays as I was typing.  So Barrack if someone is propagandizing a belief system of an asexual reproduction when indeed they are part of the heterosexual based reproducing species how can that not be a delusion and therefore a sign of a mental illness regarding treatment.  And when a mother and father see two men kissing in public isn't that an odd behavior similar to what they want to haul people in and have them involuntarily medicated for!  In my mind it is!  Does Barrack himself believe in the concepts of asexual reproduction when he is indeed purporting himself to be a member of the heterosexual species?  If so he too can be defined as having a mental defect and face involuntary commitment!

You see, they attack those who hear voices in their heads with innumerate threats and I attack the false reality of their gay sons and daughters belief system!  And that is indeed how this clam can be opened and the pearl taken from it for good!

A lot of the concepts and conflicts in our society today have an intertwined basis in delusion and fraud, that has been with us throughout history.  You might see how I tie some of them together and up pretty good here!

And as I listen to Barrack talk as I type I see that he does indeed have the same mannerisms of a Wiley Oriental Gentleman!  WOG.  They were part of the British Empire in India that were traitors to their own people!  And then we are back to FDR  family money coming from the opium trade with China!  Also has to be India in there too!  Can't exclude India from that opiate trade!  What is the point?  You ever look at the picture of a heroin addict?  Heroin being part of the opiate drug chain?  They look like zombies and indeed that is how the sons of men of a country are indeed controlled.  And we do see that drug money coming to the United States from Mexico was laundered by a British Bank and if you ever used the phone center of one you will also realize they are populated by Indian Indians!  And that good ole India that was a colony of Great Britain that believed in slavery...India has been found to have enslaved over 30,000 men in this year!  And that is indeed who is making United States goods!  We are seeing the heroin here today too!  How long before Great Britain gets its way with regard to regaining Confederate based slavery in the United States like they wanted!  The first big step they made towards that goal was FDR re-legalizing alcohol!

And I am also researching the history of Jews bringing slaves to the U.S.  and Jews don't be offended by that because that same ugly head is the one in league with Nazi Germany!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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