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Thursday, December 12, 2013

American Ingenuity A Hasp is really a....12 12 2013

American Ingenuity A Hasp is really a....12 12 2013

A hasp is really a hinge and a knob.  The knob has a hole in it for a paddle lock.  Hence you can make half of one out of a hinge and the other out of a bolt that you drill a hole through!!!!

If indeed you like to be creative and improvise!!!

The Musky watch is the perfect gift for men who like to think in Engineering terms and also have a love and appreciation for Wisconsin!  The Musky is indeed the prized fresh water trophy fish of Wisconsin! Very high resolution image of an actual musky on the watch face!!!  Perfect Christmas gift!  Use coupon code THURSDAY2014 to get 15% off of this watch or any of my other gift products on the watch site, TODAY ONLY!!!!

Musky Watch
Musky Watch by ThomasPaulMurphy
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