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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Driving through the Bayshore Mall is like 12 18 2013

Driving through the Bayshore Mall is like 12 18 2013

Driving through the Bayshore Mall is like driving through a China shop.

And there is no way to drop off and pick up a handicap person if they are going to lunch there.  You will have cars behind you honking and a plumber in a go cart riding two feet off your back bumper.

When I was a boy we went to lunch in the heart of Chicago.  There was a restaurant there and it had its own parking lot directly underneath it.

The Chinese (~Japanese?)put offset stepping stones to the doorway to their house so that when they come home from work they have to concentrate on not slipping, it puts their work day behind them.

And that is indeed the principle I see behind this parking lot, you are no longer thinking of what you thought before you came to shop but...are likely to buy more that you don't need because your mind has been put off guard???  And I think of this after I heard on the radio that in the year 2012 there was over 57 million tons of electronic waste!

And maybe it is indeed called the Bayshore town center.

As long as I am talking business here are a few more observations on local establishments.  All it takes for a restaurant or hospital to go bad is one person wiping everything down with a snot nosed rag!  The germs just incubate and spread!

Also the other day I was at a grocery store, I bought a T Bone steak and had it for lunch for the cost of 3 dollars 50 cents.  Someone in the car with me said we ought to eat at the fast food restaurant.  I said we have just bought two T bone steaks for 7 dollars it would cost me ten dollars for a double cheeseburger fries and a high fructose corn syrup drink I don't really want.  So we came home and made the steaks on the griddle under the broiler and they were tuff, but I spiced em just right and that other person was chewing the meat off the bone.  But getting on the issue of the Soda.  I wonder if you commissioned a team of scientists to find a better culture medium than high fructose corn syrup caramelized flavoring and Carbon culture the strep bacteria in... if they could!  Could you find a better cause of osteoporosis than the phosphoric acid and those other ingredients?  And I do wonder if the carbon dioxide might help cause some calcium recombinant factor in kidney stone formation.  If it causes hiccups isn't that a sign that it is aggravating some nerve in the throat or neck?  And could soda be made with a different gas, I don't know what it would be, but I wonder.  Kidney stones are indeed Calcium Oxylate but does indeed the carbon molecule in the carbon dioxide serve as a focal gathering atom for the kidney stone formation.  And I have probably already researched all of this and know the answers but it is my way of keeping asking questions when I know something isn't the way it should be and nothing is being done about it?

And as I listen to the televised singing contest I think, If you find the good person you have found the good singer.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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