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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yesterday I made a comment on Dyslexia on a facebook page or somewhere like that 12 29 2013

Yesterday I made a comment on Dyslexia on a Facebook page or somewhere like that 12 29 2013

But as I reflect on what I wrote yesterday I realize that it has even broader implications that I need to articulate.  Now I could not find that comment on Facebook when I searched so I will go from memory.

In my entire lifetime I have only known for sure of three families that drank hard liquor and the sons in each of those families had dyslexia!!!
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So as I woke up this morning I started to wonder how many Americans have dyslexia and what the true cost to our economy is?  Then I also posed the question have their been Presidents of Corporations that have had dyslexia?  And indeed my mind reverted to 20 years ago and that a President of American Telephone and Telegraph one of the most powerful Companies in the world might have had it!

But I looked up the statistics and found that 20% of Americans have dyslexia!  That is one in 5!  Got that stat here:

So what is the cost of Dyslexia to the American Economy?  With one in 5 being dyslexic we can attribute that entire $17 trillion in debt to it!  And the actual cost to the American Economy has to be much higher than that!!!!!!!!  That means one in 5 only know what to do if you tell them!  They can't read and understand instructions or directions!  And this we did indeed get from FDR and Joe Kennedy!

There was a time in world history where humans and what were called Gods lived separately.  And for all we know humans were those with dyslexia?  Should there be a new form of segregation based on dyslexia?  Should dyslexics be barred from operating a limited liability business or in management thereof- they are called Corporations.

And I get a lot of heat for this but I also have to wonder how many homosexuals and lesbians are also dyslexic?  That idea comes from the concept might be caused by a learning disability like dyslexia?

One in 5 and it is related to hard liquor or alcohol!  You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!  You ought to be ashamed!

How many members of college fraternities, sororities and secret societies also have dyslexia?  Should one person ever be allowed to have another write their books for them?  I am almost to the belief that they should need Government approval or that it should state by law on the cover WAS WRITTEN BY:______________

And what about our legislature? Those bills are sourced out and written by law firms!  In effect the Shylock lawyers are pulling the strings of our democracy and constitution apart!  If I were the Dean of Marquette Law School I would be livid!  But we do not see that in our Country today.  Instead what we hear glamorized is $90 bottles of Vodka!

And again dyslexia is very hard to determine if someone has it, you often can't tell just by talking to them as is the case with a gay person or someone with a dependent satanic type mind.

And the divorce rate is 30% in the United States?  Might it be due to the same person that can't read also can't follow instructions, obey and learn how to live peacefully with their mate.

Can it also be stated that the desire to control a workforce might also be one of showing favoritism to those who are dyslexic like yourself? Ie. Unions.

Is the entirety of organized crime dyslexic?
I am going on the record to state that Alcohol has absolutely no place in the future of humanity!

How far would someone go to hide the fact that they are dyslexic?  Have you ever seen someone fly off the handle because they were frustrated and they became violent?  Can we not declare that 20% of the United States population falls into that categorization; they have a source of frustration that has a propensity towards violence or acts consistent with violence?

Sure and one might like to do a search of famous people with dyslexia but that would really be like trying to believe in a pipe dream.  And one more thing, what kind of society are we creating whereby those who did not do well in school make more money than everyone else in professional sports playing a game?  How many professional athletes have dyslexia?

That pyramid on the dollar means that in order to get to the top first you must meet the requirements of a foundation.  And that foundation should have a basis in learning how to read!  And you would like to say that I am nitpicking, but no I reply, this is a trend in history that should not be ignored!!

As you look at some of the coaches of professional sports as they stand on the sidelines do you think, "I wonder if he knows how to read at all?"

And would those who do not know how to read go so far as to find ways to make Americans who can hear voices in their heads?  Colonel John Alexander of the United States Army confirmed that way back in 1991!  That the Department of Defense had created that technology.  Whose strings have they been pulling?  Does that also have something to do with our $17 trillion in debt and the fact we are at war when we shouldn't be?  People with integrity are not hated, but only by those that lack integrity; such as someone with a mental defect like dyslexia?  Those foreign countries don't hate Americans!  That is not who they hate!  People who lack integrity hate one another without bias.

And they also want to say that dyslexia is a disability and therefore you can't discriminate against it?  We know this is a bold faced lie.  Corporate America is the worst discriminator their has ever been.  Your entire Tea Party is based on the principle of discriminating against those who have disabilities!  Disability is another word for per-existing condition!  So here a principle of law was willfully violated!  And those that violated it likely had a disability themselves!  But to be fair how can you be an employer and not discriminate against someone that can't read?  But on the flip side they make the perfect sycophants because of it don't they!  So in effect once a person becomes prone to hiring sycophants he/she is also motivated to create them out of human beings who are not or do not have mental defects?  Have you ever looked at a manager or employer and thought, "What they h311 are you doing here?"  In response to them demonstrating that they do not have the merit or integrity to be in the position they are in.

And one more point, are there people who knew how to read and write after grade school but lost that ability from years of drinking?  I believe the answer has to be yes!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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