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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Surname Koch 12 29 2013

Surname Koch  12 29 2013

Somebody who has more resources can do a better job of this than me with regard to the surname.


1. George Herbert Walker Bush's daughter is married to Robert Koch.  I came across that fact after finding out that one of HW's son's had dyslexia!  That Koch is indeed the President of some Wine Institute.  Did anyone try and link the Walker to our Scott?

Famous people with dyslexia

Neil Bush has dyslexia

Dorothy Bush Koch

2. The Koch brothers are the businessmen that are funding Scott Walker!!!

3. Another Robert Koch is accredited with discovering the cause of Anthrax!  You know that deadly war agent or chemical weapon, chemical weapon, chemical weapon that was found in envelopes delivered to the Government?

He was the father of modern bacteriology!
He was born in Germany December 11th 1843 and died on 5/27/1910.  That would put him at the center of chemical weapons development for the precursor to Nazi Germany.

And of course what will be said is that it is a common surname.

I have been stating for a very long time that Schizophrenia is a medical fraud!  The symptoms are indeed very real to the victim, but it is medical fraud!

What this reads to be is the wealthy trying to control reality when indeed reality cannot be controlled.  This would also explain why the wealthy are so miserable?  So apparently the wealthy believe that if their child does not want to believe a reality about themselves they shouldn't have to?

I also remember hearing that George Bush also had dyslexia or did not pass a grade in grade school but I can't confirm that anymore.  Which brings me to the next point.  How many of the Bush children also have dyslexia that we don't know about.  One of George H W Bush's children did indeed die from blood cancer- otherwise known as leukemia!

Should one President be allowed to funnel money into the next one?  That doesn't seem to be a principle that would hold up to the correct Constitutional interpretation.

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