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Friday, December 27, 2013

Scouts Honor 12 27 2013

Scouts Honor 12 27 2013

Per the Boy Scouts motto of honor how come I can not go to the Eagle Scout or Boy Scout websites and get a complete list of Eagle Scouts in the United States?

Is not shame the opposite of honor?

And that principle should be applied to EVERY group in the United States, whether it be a sorority or a Corporate roster or Government employees working under the same heading.

That was an Eagle Scout that just increased the cause of the gun control lobby by that shooting in Arapaho.

About six of the Scouts in my tribe were drug dealers, and their parents were tribe leaders.

But more to the point the Boy Scouts of America has decided to allow openly gay boys into the Scouts.  How do you know if a boy is gay or not?  His mother told him he was?  The Boy Scouts were said to be modeled after the Nazi  Wandervoegel ("Wandering Birds").  And it has been stated that they believed in Pederasty! That indeed means gay sex between boys!  To me that and the promotion of that would seem to be defined as Odd Behavior whereby the proponents of it could be rounded up and medicated!  And what is the marriage vow, "Until death do us part!"

There were 2,000 reported cases of sex abuse in the Boy Scouts.  That number is understated as I know of seeing one Polish/Dutch boy in the sleeping bag of another.  How does that conform to Scouts Honor? And who do you tell when it is the troop leaders son whose sleeping bag it is that the younger boy is inThat pederasty change them; and not for the better!  And it might even create a very hard to define hidden mental defect in the abuse victims!  Some day all men might have to undergo a lie detector test to determine if both 1. This has happened to them. 2. They are of satanic mindset!

If you are 18 and an Eagle Scout why can't we just get to see who you are?  We also might need a concept that protects our future called, "That boy was the size of a man and posed a threat in the same way that someone the size of a man would."

Thomas Paul Murphy

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