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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Health Clubs 12 10 2013

Health Clubs 12 10 2013

United States Citizens should never have to pay for health club memberships!  It should all be free and open to the public!  I have never gotten what I paid for when I used any Milwaukee health clubs!  Usually the people on duty at them are a complete menace!  Not only that, but despite you paying membership dues they are not kept to the standards of cleanliness they should be!

It should all be free and open to community members.  I have not liked the clientele at any of the health clubs that I have gone to.  Most of them are obnoxious spoiled brats!  And most act like Juvenile delinquents that somehow made it good in our world through the principle of networking!

When I am at a club I do not like to be distracted by Mal-behaving people of adult age!  I am there to work off calories and body building.  I am not there to put up with adults with the maturity of children; not even that of what children should be!

None of them are worth it!  You are better off not attempting to exercise at all than going to one and having to pay for it!  The point being, that you should not feel like you have become miraculously more healthy after you stop going to a health club, but that is indeed the case!

It is either people cannot be employed to do what they are told or employers don't know how to teach their employees what to do because they don't know and have had it easy?  You can offer suggestion after suggestion for improvements and what is wrong with the facilities but you will not see any of them implemented.

I once watched a personal trainer having a man do lunge walks with weights.  He had to have been a new client of hers.  But I saw his knee buckle down right behind the knee cap!  That is the kind of thing I see. The point being, I don't want people like that anywhere near me while I am working out!  And most people that do not have the same body type as you are not qualified to give you advice!

And here is something you really need to look out for but might not understand.  The personal trainer that brings a special needs type person in while you are working out and is very obnoxious as if to distract you out of your mind for the benefit of that special needs person in some new age form of science the public is not aware of?  The Romanians might have called them Vampyrs or re-animants!  Re-animant that is indeed the word I am looking for!  And that is indeed what that principle is!  Watch out for the personal trainer that brings in a Re-Animant!  We should not have to put up with this in the United States!  Whatever they are they don't belong here!  The Re Animant is never happier than when you have an accident or are scraped and blood is seen!  You didn't ever take anything from them that you need to give back, they were raised as vegetables!

And one more point,  It has been documented that two aides patients that had become completely clear of the aides virus have seen it reappear!  After there was no trace of it at all!  What this means is that they should all be quarantined and all should have been quarantined a long time ago!  It also means that they children or aides patients also put the public at a great risk and will need to be quarantined too!  And we are going to need a countrywide DNA database to eliminate the threat this virus poses to the extinction of humanity!  Somebody is going to have to get tough about this for the future of humanity!

The re-animant and the aides virus might have a high correlation to one another.  And of course I am one of the few that knows of the re-animant that will tell you about it!  And both of these might be related to having cannibalism in your family gene lineage pool at some point!  If you have ever seen a cow with Crutchfield Jacobs disease stagger and fall over, you get some idea of where we are going to fast!  Entire homes might have to be bulldozed in and burnt!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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