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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Romans Created the First Psychotic People 12 10 2013

The Romans Created the First Psychotic People 12 10 2013

"Atropos lends her name to the poisonous plant Atropa belladonna or Deadly Nightshade and to the alkaloid atropine, an anticholinergic drug which is derived from it."

Choline is indeed the vitamin B used to help your memory.  The part of your brain responsible for memory and learning is your Hippocampus!  Anticholinergic, above, mean's it prevents choline from binding to your nerve brain cell receptor sites????  If you don't die from it you will become a walking Zombie?

This is what they might have given Jesus Christ that gave him demons in his head that he could not exorcise?

With the Italian (Roman) history in both organized crime and sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church by priests I would not doubt that men and women have been poisoned left and right with Deadly Nightshade or a similar more refined pharmaceutical drug just like it, in order to drive the sane person psychotic so that those who were imprinted by their thoughts can be free from being bound to new thoughts of the same person!

It might also be used to poison people into having Alzheimer's?  And women's babies to be born with mental birth defects?

If you are getting away with one criminal activity right underneath our noses you are likely to be getting away with quite a few others too aren't you!

The Bible does indeed tell how Israelite's brought home strange women from a war as bounty and then decided that they had to do away with them!  We know they were at odds with the Romans and that was Jesus Christ's fight!

The home remedies to anticholinergic drugs are nicotine.  Perhaps at the first signs that someone is being psychotic they should receive Physostigmine one of the only few remedies for anticholinergic poisons or drugs!

Atropa the Deadly Night Shade and it is also called Belladonna.  But what does the root of the word also mean!!!!!!  Atrophy!  It means it can be used to stall your mind at any age?  That means it destroys the hippocampus!

I can tell you that I smoked cigars back in the year 2000 and I liked them!  I can also tell you that I stopped after I got a sharp chest pain like a heart attack that same year and also prostititis from them!

You cannot tell me that the young man the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did their multi article on did not have some type of memory impairment!  We just don't reach a certain age and forget our manners and proper behavior!  Alcohol will destroy a hippocampus but so will Belladonna!  We don't hear of Belladonna in the Bible or do we?  I will have to do a Bible or Gospels not included in the Bible, search.  It might have been called something else!

Abraham Hoffer wrote a book about treating Schizophrenia with Vitamin B3 which is also called Niacin!  Niacin is said to be similar in some respects to Nicotine!  And Nicotine is listed in that Wikipedia article to be able to help counteract the effects of Anticholinergic drugs such as Deadly Nightshade or Belladonna! If the Romans put lead in wine the odds are pretty high they also put Belladonna in them?  And I already knew from research a long time ago that they used it to poison Jews!  They also then made male servants from males by making them unics and Castrati!

Some people smoke to trigger their own memories and some smoke to trigger memories that are not their own?  But when you add Pine Tar to cigarettes you likely create a baby that is mentally defective because it is known to cause miscarriage.  And if it causes miscarriage it is also causing oxygen deprivation to the developing brain!  They were born to be addicted!

Atrophy, it means to stop the growth.  Ask yourself what the nature of someone would be if they wanted to stop the growth of your intelligence?  It means they were imprinted from it and cannot survive as they are bound to the thinking of your mind, if you continue to think FREELY!!!!!  And indeed FREEDOM is the key word there!  Never let anyone convince you that you are not free to think!  You are always free to think and always should be!  And thinking is different than belief and action!  Indeed thinking is what allows an individual to develop their own dependent minded belief system.  Without it you would not have a human conscience or human reason!  So who would want to deprive you of that?  To think also requires you to use your imagination.  Now what if there was something dependent minded to you and you started to imagine or think?  It would totally screw them up!  Hence Procula's crucifixion verdict for Jesus Christ, she had him crucified because, "He gave her a terrible dream!"  He might have just been using his imagination to determine what the dangers on various courses of action would be, that is indeed how we think!  We do not learn of danger unless we first imagine what the negative consequences could be!  For example, a man does not buy a six pack of beer to drink while he uses his table saw.   In order to know that we have to imagine what could happen, right!!!! And that is not being paranoid, that is being a responsible human being as we are supposed to be!  It is a great crime against humanity to poison a human beings mind!

The Romans did not believe in Freedom!  The Confederates did not believe in Freedom either and nor did Great Britain who helped them and also was our sworn enemy until WWII!  And who does not believe in Freedom today?  Corporate American management, they have outsourced our jobs to slave labor equivalent countries!  Oddly enough Great Britain became our ally during WWII and FDR was of English descent!  His family money came from a concept that also ran counter to the belief in freedom; Opiate and Opium trade! (with China) And what did FDR bring back, another element that does not support the concept of freedom; Alcohol!  When you lose your memory and ability to learn because of alcohol poisoning to the hippo campus you indeed have had your freedom taken away because you are not free or able to think like you did before you used it!  What else happened with FDR?

And I know that some of this is hard to read and understand but that is all the effort I am going to give it!  It may be a little off here and there but it still holds true!

One more point was the rich mans kid, that Jesus tribe cut the ear, off also poisoned with Belladonna?

If you are the invading Roman Army, do you not believe they would use that type of drug warfare that they had great experience with???  Of course they did!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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