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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Commentary on Article titeled Being right trumps happiness, study finds by Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times

Commentary on Article titled Being right trumps happiness, study finds by Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times,0,5791072.story#axzz2oEGqrCat

I believe that the science of this is because she views her husband as a trusted father figure and imprints from his brain!  And if a woman cannot view her own husband as a trusted father figure she never should have married him!

But the point being is that his brain is 10% larger than hers!  So in effect when she is imprinting from that brain she has to ask questions or debate and argue if you will because she is really unsure!

That study found that when he just agreed with her she became very unhappy!  Also he became very unhappy from adopting the concept for the study that he would agree with everything that she said.

This has great implications in households where the woman dominate!  For example what kind of son will be raised in such a household where the men are forced to agree with everything she says?   I already know the answer to that from observation!  And those son's are the most unhappy people you would ever meet.  In fact that was on my article docket on the upper left of this screen to write, "What momma told you that?"

It also tells us that women like to argue because they really don't know the answers.  And hence the codependency in the male female relationship comes from that.  Sometimes in order to make them happy you have to prove them wrong through argument.  And when that indeed happens it can indeed be a growing and development stage or point in their lives for them!

And brain imprinting is indeed a scientifically proven mind to mind connection!  What has not been proven the world over is the mind to mind connection whereby there is an intrusion into men's minds!

What am I getting at?  That female becomes unhappy because she cannot validate her belief from what her man is thinking because he is agreeing to everything she say's.  What does this tell us about the female and the female minded?  That they seek to make a mind to mind imprinting connection with there husband!  So indeed we do have the motive of unhappy people in our society demonizing the minds of men!  They need to, just like a fatherless son needs to in order to be happy.

It is only a matter of time before it will be proven that people who hear voices in their heads are indeed targeted by those who need to tap into a mans mind, for the above reasons.

Russian photography regarding the life's energy body of a person can indeed prove this!  For example if a man who has just heard a percussion of voices or an unholy grail of them where to be photographed as he submerged himself in water as John the Baptist who was murdered by the Sanhedrin as all of the prophets in the Bible were per the Gospel of Matthew....If his body energy were to be photographed as he entered the water you would see that it would either increase as the voices in his head that displaced his own energy soul left him or it would decrease as the energy from the origin of those voices left him!  It works!

And that study needs to be commissioned to happen sooner rather than later.

I am going to add a file tag in this article of "How to prove that schizophrenia is a medical fraud."

Now who might else demonize a man for his brain? Someone that cannot form their own memories or learning because they have a defective hippo campus.  The hippo campus being responsible for memory and learning!  What you are also going to find is that the people who fit this archetype will also have other physical symptoms that allude to it, such as speech defects but also dyslexia!  And the whole other list of characteristics that are on the gradient scale towards what a fetal alcohol syndrome child looks like or the problems that they have!  In High School we did indeed do a gene trait to see what common traits were and who had them.  It was just a checklist like eye color and stuff about fingernails, stuff like that.

And for some of us we are naturally happy because we have done the right things in our lives!  What is very odd though is if you do the right thing in your life and are harmed by doing it there are a great many people who will play on that and use it as a weakness to try to make you feel unhappy?

Also with regard to the title of this.  Have you ever met someone that would go to the great length of lying to you about everything so that you would no longer feel that you are right and therefore be happy?  A sales tactic is indeed to betray the self esteem in an ever so slight in order to establish unhappiness and therefore the idea that happiness will come by buying something while at the same time the salesman is holding his price higher than it needs to be.  As for me I won't buy a car from you if you are disrespectful in any manner like that to me!  It doesn't work with me and it never has!

The rest of this is all that same type of rambling you don't like.

And what of us who are right and we know it?  Are there those who would become so angry at us for our belief in ourselves that they would seek to put us on psychiatric medicine so that we could no longer use our own higher thinking capacity?

In this mornings Journal Sentinel it told of how there were 20,000 deaths last year linked to the (English Surname) Johnson and Johnson drug Tramadol!  (And it is semantics to say it is not a Johnson and Johnson drug.


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What is the point?  If they do not care about those 20,000 people that died could it also be true that schizophrenia might be a medical fraud created by them by any means possible including drugs that would Atrophy (Atropha) the hippo campus?  Do you know that schizophrenia medicines called anti psychotics have their highest profit margins of any of their products!!!  I have already established a product that they sell for money,Tramadol,  caused over 20,000 deaths last year, that was in this mornings paper!  And it has already been confirmed that much of the science concerning what is termed schizo (means 'split' comes from the word origin of split)  -phrenic (means mind, comes from the word origin that means mind) has already been confirmed that much of that science has been falsified!

How far would they go?  Do they have the means to demonically possess people so that they do horrific acts against their will?  No only do they have that means they have been proven to kill 20,000 people a year by that one drug alone!  Those 20,000 people taking that drug did not do so because they wanted to die by taking it!  When someone is faced with an addiction caused by opiates they are indeed doing something against their will because they have been given an addictive substance!  Now are street drug dealers really part of an effort to push pharmaceutical drugs?  In other words do these large pharmaceutical companies have a part in drug dealing?  I cannot prove it but I believe it is true!  FDR's family money came from selling opiates!  Have you ever seen the face of a heroin addict?

What is my proof of the English pushing drugs on the U.S.?  There is plenty of it!  The war in Viet Nam under remnants from FDR's cabinet still in office!  Vets' will tell you they all did heroin over there!  That was an English President of the United States War!  Kennedy didn't want us over there!  And the British Music invasion was also the British drug invasion!  With the music came the drugs! Englishman McCartney still is an advocate of marijuana use!  Studies say it atrophies the human brain worse than alcohol!

A great many of the English could well indeed have birth defects handed down from the ropes on their ships being soaked in pine tar!  If you read Culpeppers Complete Herbal you will see that as far back as the 1600's chemists knew that Pine Tar Oil readily caused a woman to miscarriage!  And are their British Tobacco companies that put pine tar in United States cigarettes so that the defective Englishman could gain a foothold here as our populations intelligence was lessened!  One might even say that WWII happened because Tobacco companies had just figured out how to mass produce cigarettes and needed a market for them?  I am not one in believing in dumbing down or abusing a population so that you can maintain a Kingdom over it!  And that potato fungus of the great famine did not come from Ireland!  What would that fungus do to the human brain and human development?  They didn't look to good when they came over on the boats!

And indeed Nikolas Tesla had invented a particle beam weapon that he was marketing in Europe before WWII!  Can a person being hit with a microwave beam from a distance have symptoms of mental illness?  Yes and they can even get a stroke from it!  "Hah, hah, we just gave this human being a stroke so that we can put him on medicine the rest of his life?"  Or "Hah, Hah, we have given him a stroke in the hippo campus area of his brain and he no longer knows fantasy from reality."

I also believe that children are being poisoned with alcohol so that they can serve as both prostitutes and those who would give an adult human being stroke.  In effect they are creating what might be called Griffins!  There was a Griffin on every castle in Germany!  And indeed the Boy Scouts version in Germany that FDR based the Boy Scouts in the United States on was involved in Pederasty!  Think about that every time you hear the question being asked by the illiterate news media of, "Should homosexuals be allowed to be Boy Scout Troop leaders."  And reference to Richard Hatch the gay man from survivor abusing his adopted son!

FDR's wife was a Lesbian!  And Dick Cheney's family believed in FDR and one of Dick Cheney's daughters is a lesbian!

Now I believe that two women kissing in public is a sign of mental illness!  They don't even know what sex they are!  And don't most of us learn to have common sense in life by making observations just like that?  What is that?  It is not evidence of a split soul like someone who hears voices in their head is said to have!  It is evidence of not having any soul in life to start with and somehow you identified with a soul and adopted it as your own!  And wouldn't you fight like cats and dogs to keep it?  What if that soul that you were fighting to keep belonged to someone labeled schizophrenic?  Would you give it back?  How come we never see that question asked of them?  "If your transgendered soul was found to belong to a human being, what would you do to keep it?"

Are there whole races that are born without their own human souls today as mentioned above?  Both interbreeding and cannibalism in family lineage might have caused this to happen.  And like I say, it is in the eyes, that is how you can tell!

And when I hear voices I am very happy because I know that I have something others want!  In fact I know that I am right because of them?  And those of us who know we are right are happy!  I have always been happy!  And perhaps the origin of the voices would not be happy if I did not hear them for the same reason women become very unhappy when men refuse to tell them they are wrong!

Would a father poison his own son or another fathers son with alcohol because he was jealous that that child was more smarter than him already?  Yes they do!  And alcohol has been found to decrease brain development by as much as 10-15% in teenage drinkers!  But I am talking about children a lot younger than that!  And when we prove that this has been done to people it will indeed cause a worldwide scourge to rid the world of alcohol.

And as I look at Vladamir Putin I have to believe that was a Griffin in childhood!  That would indeed account for much of his behavior; without reference to reason!  He doesn't want anyone to know he is dependent minded nor of the nature of the principle?  I have thought him to be the opposite of that, but one never knows.

And I will only tell you you are wrong if I believe you are!

And it gives them something to think about when you tell them they are wrong and the reason why!

You would never like my novel "The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper!"

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And the moral or conclusion to that referenced article about happiness would be, because you cannot provide intelligent advice and camaraderie type argument to your wife or woman some of us here voices in our heads because that is what she desires and the only place she can get it?  So it is indeed caused by weak minded men.  And the weak minded men are created by feeble minded women so it is a vicious circle.
Thomas Paul Murphy

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