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Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to end the medical Fraud of Schizophrenia 09 12 2015

How to end the medical Fraud of Schizophrenia  09 12 2015

It might be worthwhile to note and study how Mussolini got the Mafia out of Italy.  Someone like that would be a hero to me today in the United States!

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  During Prohibition hundreds of bars stayed open in Chicago.  And Al Capone is believed to have raked in $60 million alone from alcohol sales in 1927.  (Alphonso Capone;  A different Fonzie is so popular in Milwaukee that they built a statue of him here)

Anyone see a link to Franklin Roosevelt being bankrolled to U.S. President?  His family money came from the opiate trade with China.

The Jews also had a mafia based in Detroit called The Purple Gang.  It was formed by problem kids who were placed in a special school.  When I read that I think of Scott Walker's private school initiative.

Al Capone even feared expanding his organized crime operation into Detroit because it was controlled by the Purple Gang!!!!!

So what were the surnames of those members?  What were the surnames of the hundreds of bar owners who stayed open in Chicago in the 1920's in defiance of the U.S. law?   Some of the surnames there were Bernstein and Shapiro.  I can tell you they are still active today!  When you look at how horrific that Jewish gang was in Detroit, Al Capone even feared them.  To me it puts our involvement in WWII into a different context.

Don't forget that the entire United States banking and therefore finance industry participated in the recent mortgage fraud.  The slogan should read, "The Banking Fraud; WE WILL NOT FORGET!" or "Psychiatry, the Crime Against Humanity; WE WILL NOT FORGET!"

Any Surname that is affiliated with a Brewery has an element of organized crime in it; today!  It is an infallible indicator.

Schizophrenia is a mentally retarded person listening to you think; but at some point they become miserable because they realize how dumb they are in comparison to you.  It is a misnomer to say you hear voices in your head because of this; you hear curses in your head because of this!  She was born to live a life of scorn among normal human beings; it wasn't your fault.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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