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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Day in the Life 09 15 2015

A day in the life 09 15 2015

So I am fishing from a pier.  In the shade under a Gazebo is a boy who has a mental defect.  He is moaning in misery.  He has his pair of shoes in his hands.  The strings are tied together and he is bouncing them up and down nervously. 

I have to wonder if his mother didn't adopt him because of the retardation in order to receive $80,000.00 a year from Governor Scott Walker.

After I am done fishing I drive by where he was. 

He is laying one the ground.  He is skinny and perhaps 12 years old.  A blonde haired women who looks like a bar fly is doing something to him. 

In broad daylight he is naked from the waist down lying on the grass.  She has an antiseptic wipe in her hand and rather coarsely she is rubbing around his groin with it.

Somehow she knows who I am or rather what I don't like?  I hear her say, "This is my meal ticket."

Try and get the image of that our of your mind!  And there are indeed political groups who do just this kind of machination.

Could a politician be controlled in their thinking after having been exposed to a scene like that?  I believe so!

All true stories.


I have to ask myself what kind of sick people find fun in human misery?  And that is depressing.

 As I drive into the pizza restaurant parking lot, a boy pulls out of the lot in a modified BMW.

Then I am waiting for a Pizza.  I stand near the front window to look outside as I wait 20 minutes.

What looks very similar to the first young man drives up in a modified Audi.

He is sitting at the table outside with a girl.  They each have a pack of cigarettes.  Everyone seems to be smoking them wherever I go!

I have my dark sunglasses on so they don't see where my eyes are looking as I watch them.  They make a cigarette exchange.  He gives her two and she gives him two.  They put them in their paper cartons as if they are new.

Why would they do that?  Then I asked myself what if two of those were really well rolled up "joints!"

That makes for the perfect drug deal doesn't it!  No one would ever suspect it to go down like that.

I look at her.  She is very thin.  How many women develop breast cancer from that.

I think in order to stop the spread of marijuana Cigarettes have to be banned.  Beside them facilitating a drug trade they are also a gateway drug to worse drugs like heroin.


Then I start thinking again.  How was the drug trade fostered in the United States?  What about the movie business?  Was it used to launder drug money?  Look at the costs a movie producer pays out for?  It is the perfect money laundering operation isn't it!

Then I wonder, what movies were produced in drug producing nations that would more readily facilitate such a drug trade?  Big Private planes coming in with big boxes of gear.  Was it ever checked for drugs?

What drug or chemical caused that boy's birth defect?  Does anyone care?

And women get ovarian cancer from warts.  They call it the papilloma virus.  Wouldn't it be a lot better if they just used the term warts in the vagina?  Would that facilitate better hygiene and less promiscuity?

Do you remember when they used to say someone who thought like I do was a germaphobic?  Wasn't that a great disservice to our nation?  Don't call it warts that cause ovarian cancer because the germaphobics are proven right?


I don't own a dog, but today I figured out that a dog dish sitting outside the library is a community dog dish!  I always thought those were just for one persons dog or something.  It never occurred to me that all dogs would drink out of the same dish?  So a kid is sick at home.  They feed the dog his table scraps.  The dog licks its butt too.  Another dog drinks out of the same water dish.  I might just say isn't that how diseases could be spread?  That second dog licks your child's face?

Then after awhile that child needs a joint?  Right?  So you better make it legal?

The day before that I am parked by the river with my mother.  We are eating fried chicken.  This is the place where we sometimes see queers arrive for what looks to be meetups.  It would be a good place to cast a line.  But even I don't want to do that because of the queers I have seen there.  Nor do I want to leave my mother alone in the car if I do.  And she had a little fear to.  I just have to ask, what is wrong with a sign that reads, "No homosexual loitering."  I can remember when I was a boy in Ester Brook Park.  We were walking through the woods when a naked black man who was sunbathing with a white woman got up and started to run around like he was going to chase us. 

So who are the people that don't like you to be free, mobile and adventurous?  Who is it that is that insecure among us?  Who would tell us the earth is flat so that we don't try and colonize a new country? 

Holy Family used to have a picnic in that same park every year.  It was a lot of fun.  We would run through the paths in the forest!  Until not to many years into it one girl from the Church was sexually molested in the woods by a black man.  The Church never held one there again.  That had to have been around the mid 1970's.  Today that area is where you hear gunfire from at night?  Drugs are sold.  Day care operations where children are sexually abused?

So a man is in the woods and going to sexually molest someone.  If he is molesting a boy I would classify him as a homosexual for that sick desire.  But it likely wouldn't make any difference who he molested.  So in effect the connotation of the term homosexual would seem to have a broader context than it does.  And I don't like to harp it, but recent 2014 scientific evidence links homosexuality to a defect in the gene that regulates serotonin.  So that would seem to me to be the all encompassing smoking gun there?

Had the person who sexually molested that girl been executed for that crime wouldn't racial integration be a lot different today?  Better?

They would like people like me who hear voices to be force medicated.  So that we can no longer express ourselves in this manner?  To me that is a crime against humanity.  I want any and all who would institute that as part of a religious law to be evicted from the United States.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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