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Sunday, September 6, 2015

How many who hear voices are also anti-Semitic; like I am? 09 06 2015

How many who hear voices are also anti-Semitic; like I am? 09 06 2015

Am I anti-Semitic; you better believe I am!

Am I Semitic; you better believe I am!

It was the Jewish State of Israel that water-boarded tortured and propagandized the technique to the United States; specifically George Bush.

So if you wife is being rude to you or flirting with other men I suppose it is alright to fill the bathtub up with water and repeatedly hold her head under the surface? Am I anti-Semitic; you bet I am.

If you dog is going to the bathroom inside the house I suppose it is okay to hold his head under the water too every time he does that? Am I anti-Semitic; you bet I am.

If one of your children can't learn in school I suppose it is okay to hold his head down in the tub until he is blessed with the holy spirit of what amounts to a normally developed human being~ a prophet? Am I anti-Semitic; you bet I am.

I suppose if every criminal minded person had only been repeatedly partially drowned the crime rate would be a lot lower? Am I anti-Semitic; you bet I am.

It is a good thing for an Italian man to choke hold pass out his son so that he learns what not to do? Am I anti-Semitic; you bet I am.

Jesus a Jew said it best, “Yeah shall know them by their fruits.” Essentially he was calling them thieves! He was also labeled the King of Thieves upon his execution.

The Holy Spirit is Semitism. Jesus also stated it this way, “You can hate me but if you hate the holy spirit you are condemned for all eternity.”

Here is what Jesus Christ was getting at! To deprive a human being of their own Holy Spirit is the most anti-Semitic activity that there is! Hence every Jew who participates in subjecting a human being to voices is really anti-Semitic! All Catholic priests are really crypto Jews. Most of the foreign wealth that George Bush allowed to buy their way into the United States under the EB5 immigration act are also highly antisemitic. Under this definition, or converse, I am not antisemitic at all but highly Semitic.

Under this logic it was those who were antisemitic not semitic that killed the prophets!

The drug dealer who wants to choke the life and potential from a developing human being is also the most anti-Semitic person that there is. In this converse meaning I am indeed highly Semitic.

So being Semitic means whether you have the potential to develop your own human reason and human conscience and therefore those who want to prevent you from doing so are anti-Semitic. Am I Semitic you bet I am!

A person who has schizophrenia, disability from hearing voices, is the most Semitic person that there is and they are indeed tormented by the anti-Semitic.

Let me put it this way. You have something good. A people praise that goodness! They think it is the greatest thing in the word! Your human cognition. In fact they like it so much that they decide to take it from you and share it with those who don't have it. They aren't really Semitic are they; instead they are anti-Semitic.

To hate the mentally retarded is therefore Semitism! So am I Semitic? You better believe I am! To create the mentally retarded is antiemetic. How are they created? By mothers and fathers who drink alcohol and use drugs during pregnancy. And also likely through genetic lineage and inbreeding.

What is the person who is depriving a human being of oxygen to their brain really doing to them? They are creating a mentally retarded person. In effect they are creating the criminal minded person. Or someone who is baptized with the Holy Spirit. That essentially means that they hear the interaction of the coven of hags cursing a human being prophet in his head. And once that interaction stops that person who is dependent upon human cognition psychodenergizes to be as dumb as the day that they were born.  When your Republican Party states that they are the Down's Syndrome party that is what they are referring to!

That is why they make the greatest actors in the world and also why they need limited liability when they have a business. Everyone who is successful or famous today virtually anywhere in the world is anti-Semitic!

Essentially it is a way to have your cake and eat it too! To be able to drink alcohol and have mentally retarded children but not ever have to worry about how they are being raised because you choose a fatherly holy spirit for them. Am I anti-Semitic; you bet I am.

So I got into a little tiff with my Jewish friend when I was a boy. Maybe it was because he tried to choke me a little too hard when we were wrestling. Maybe it was because he invited me over to his house when another friend was their and they wanted me to kiss with them. But a few days later I confronted him and said to him, “So what was that all about?” He looked at me very sternly and said, “What if you could only be one person other than yourself in life, who would you be?”

You don't get to choose which legitimate human beings (prophets) thoughts you want to listen to and kill or drug the rest of them.

So you want to have the Federal (means Queen) Bureau of Investigation arrest me for this? Bring your favorite color chalk when you do. They are most notable for failing to enforce the United States Constitution with regard to Prohibition! And what is the Federal Reserve? It is essentially a blank checkbook for all of the above. The two United States Presidents who tried to dismantle it were assassinated; Abraham Lincoln by a troupe of actors and John F. Kennedy by a Communist / Italian Mafioso.

They say that the Irish can sense the descending Holy Spirit upon the crown of their head. Can you guess who wouldn't like them for that ability? Can you guess who would poison them with a potato fungus that originated from New York? All of the Potatoes in Ireland were confiscated from them and the fungal ones given back to them to eat, by the English. The English were also the United States greatest enemy in world history. We fought the Revolutionary War against them. Do you now know what Independence really means? And they indeed aided the Slave owning Confederate South in the Civil War. They also helped the Native Americans sexually mutilate and kill us; read the Declaration of Independence. They used mustard gas against Germany in WWI and temporarily blinded one man there who rose to power after his Jewish psychiatrist repeatedly told him he was a sniveling spoiled brat. More recently they laundered drug money from drugs being smuggled from Mexico into the United States.

That is all for now; I could go on and on.  Happy Labor Day. Those of us who hear voices know that you could never earn an honest days living.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Semitism is a complete fallacy because every Semitic becomes an anti-Semitic hateful person at some point in their lives.  Why?  By inescapable comparison.

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