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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Is your neighbor really a professional 09 20 2015

Is your neighbor really a professional?

What can they help you do in your daily life as relates to their profession?

Very little. In fact most help they attempt to provide is detrimental!!!

Can an auditor give you year end finance advice! No!

Can a person who works for an investment firm give you profitable advice? Never!

What can a Corporate manager do for you as a neighbor? Very little!

How about a lawyer? They ever meaningfully help you with anything?

These are very high salary making people. However in terms of the hierarchy of how one develops from a boy to manhood a lot is missing in there lives. Somehow they leapfrogged what for you were all developmental rights of passage that you were always eager to learn and attain knowledge of.

What can they do? Let their dogs out to terrorize and chase your children. Blow smoke in your face. Cause noise disturbances? Somehow ruin everything you do right after you get down talking to them?

Transmit all their germs to you and make you sick?

Have their kids distract you while you are working with power tools?

Tempt you with cancer causing alcohol?

Ask you dumb and insulting questions?

Run to the window when you come outside and stare at you? How come their father never told them not to do that?

Do people like that foster the ideal image of American Communities?

Be there to glare at you when you come out of the front door when you think something like this?

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