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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Evil Old Geezer is scaring me even more 09 16 2015

This Evil Old Geezer is scaring me even more 09 16 2015

Here is what the Pope stated about hell and Adam and Eve.

“Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas. The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer. This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity. God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God.” - See more at:

It is a this is what I want to do so this is what I have to say logic?


So according to the Pope there is no hell. 

So if you are a bad person, let's say you are a Catholic Priest who sexually molested children, your highest religious authority just told you that you are not going to hell if you kill yourself; because there is no hell!

I actually believe that the only way a bad person gets to heaven is by realizing how bad and inhuman that they are, and when they determine they are not one of us and never will be that God grants them to heaven because they were doing the right thing with regard to themselves.

In terms of the Gun violence statistics mainly being suicides.  That doesn't bother me either.  Say someone read what I wrote yesterday about the woman who had the naked retard down on the ground and was coarsely scrubbing his groin with a disinfectant towel.  If anyone who thought that was funny killed themselves it would not bother me!  You can't tell me that a lot of those who killed themselves didn't have evil mental constructs like that going on all the time?

But how does the Pope know there isn't a hell?  What did he base his "Verdict" on?  Certainly Jesus Christ believed in heaven and hell?  But maybe not, as he went willingly to his death and that is suicide which puts you in hell per his belief.  So what is the Popes reason?  They want to make money from the death suicide business.  They have not executed the Priests who molested children. 


You won't go to hell for aborting a mentally retarded child.  Why not?  Because there is not hell!

You won't go to hell for remarrying after divorce.  Why not?  There is no hell!  So what was the motivation for that controlling philosophy?  Perhaps if a woman remarried and found out the man she married was just as mentally retarded as the first one she would be suicidality depressed?  Perhaps their were Italian women in the Roman society that they knew no one would ever want to marry!  So they married them out of pity and then divorced them?  They knew no one else would ever want to marry them so they gave them a reason not to think and stew about it?  So that they didn't lose hope.  For if his sister lost hope he would become depressed too?

So if a woman remarries she was going to go to hell which really means that she will have an isolated soul?  No just the opposite is true; her soul is no longer isolated- she is with, hopefully, a good man!  She has learned her lesson about the bad!  So it was indeed a controlling mechanism!

Perhaps they didn't want that woman to end up marrying a better man!!!!!!!  There it is!

I wonder how many women would feel victimized by the church in retrospect for that controlling philosophy the Pope just revealed was bunk?  Will they start to take mallets to the churches just like the Berlin Wall came down?  All Churches should have their denominations defaced.  They can make great community centers.  If your low priced table saw burns out you should be able to go down there and use theirs.  Need to workout?  They should have free services.  That will keep good clergy busy. Perhaps the stations of the cross should be of those children who were sexually molested there!

You end homelessness you end poverty.  But what about the homeless that are just bad people?  I always assumed they were good people that played by the rules and lost because of it.  That might not be entirely true?  Given the first opportunity they use drugs and sexually victimize someone? 

People don't seem to believe in the sanctity of the human soul and how brain birth defect causing alcohol should not be in our communities.  The Catholic Church promotes it!  Although the Pope stated NO DRUGS!  Not any!  So he is a good man.  But saying one thing and allowing something else to happen betrays ones honor and courage to not be that?


So if there is no hell then it essentially negates any consideration from the ill fate of implied religious punishment for bad deeds and crimes committed.  It takes away religious interference from the court system!!!  (Hopefully!)

So if you weren't confirmed to be a Catholic, essentially taking a sworn oath to drink the highly addictive and mental retardation causing church wine every week, then you are not going to hell!  Who knew?  I knew!  Why?  Because my core personality is naturally happy.  I can see right through all this.

So you take Adam and Eve out of the mix and then on Bible talk radio you no longer here any of that creationism argument!  How did the human race really form?  By natural selection and also natural "pruning."  "Junior over there still has monkey ears.  Anyone want to marry him? One final call?  Wait a minute I don't want anyone to marry him and have children that look like that terrorizing my tribe!"  "Eva doesn't know enough not to eat the wormy rotten apples that are fermented on the ground.  Anyone want to marry Eva?  I have told her repeatedly not to but she can't listen and understand?"

But how do we know that there really is a hell?  Because some of us hear the voices (curses) of those who were born into it!

After reading the full context of that I have more to say about it as ideas are forming.

Why do I call him Evil?  Because he wants those of us who hear voices to have no fear of suicide and going to hell because the funeral operations would make money for the family business.  It is starting to read like organized crime to me!  Controlling belief systems, threats, extortion....  He might not know what the finality of his actions will be?  How can a person who is horrible transform something to their bad purpose and will?  What spirits are guiding him?  Are they likely the same hags that jeered at Jesus Christ as he carried his cross?  Are they many steps ahead of him in his thinking?  To the point whereby he has set something up just the way that they want it and steps 95 through 100 will be completed by them?  That is the way evil tends to operate!  By willful misinterpretation of someone else's good intent!  We see it everywhere today in U.S. law and politics!

I want the horror of that Roman Empire completely gone from the United States!

An isolated soul, like all souls, ultimately uniting with God?  The inference is through death isn't it?  But what is his philosophy there?  It has to have more to it.  I think I see a flaw in it although I don't know what it is.  "Uniting with God"  That is a oneness principle that is essentially communism!  In oneness the cream is not allowed to rise to the top to lead in meritocracy, hence it is species regressive!

So why do I call him evil?  Because I know some of those nuns drive people insane!  Essentially hell?

And I do like this Pope!  I do. Just so he knows.  :)

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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