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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How National Languages are Influenced by Alcohol 09 30 2015

How National Languages are Influenced by alcohol.

That is one thing that they will never teach you in school. How a nations language is influenced in diction and dialect, or rather the gestalt sound of it from an apparent a brain birth defect related to alcohol.

Both France and Russia plane out slurred speech. As if the words form slowly in turmoil and then flow out on a curled back tongue. There isn't the time or brain capacity for the fine diction using the tip of the tongue. We also see many Italians talk this way. As if they are circumventing a very important part of the brain and therefore stretched out. Vodka has a very high alcohol percentage and Wine is many times greater than beer. So is it any wonder there are no real good singers on talent shows today?

Germany the biting temper of someone with a hangover who is therefore inept. As in, “The machine is broken and I am panicking because I don't know how to fix it.” The temper flares because of a hangover? And some people there were just born with that same brain defect effect because of alcohol.

China a cautious weedling and deedling. Plenty of discussion before action? And hence that is why the United States was needed to spur their manufacturing cycle! They don't know how much thanks they owe us for that!

The former Confederate South? That is high pitched like a mouse happy to be swimming and drinking in a barrel of wine. And also alcohol retard castration anxiety from living in a monkey community like that. This is why it bothers me so much when I hear that country music infiltrating the North! They don't realize how crass it sounds and the cause of it!

England is not perfect English either! It is the sound of a Lantern Jaw full of caramel trying to bullocks out the words. That and the female version is full of the sound of sexual innuendo. You can thank your lucky stars you weren't born to parents like that! It is like vacant head utterances and howlings. It is the attempt to pull the lower teeth of that regressive dinosaur jaw back behind the upper without putting their body off balance or seeming to wear dentures since birth.

Spanish is a clucking chicken with little proper vocabulary words to articulate without being error prone the discernment of fine details.

I wanted to take Latin in High School for my foreign language credits but they wouldn't allow that language to qualify! I believe that was Very Very WRONG! Latin has a strong base in root words and therefore the meaning and origin of things; knowledge! The reason they wouldn't allow credit for it? Knowledge is power!

India women seem to fall into one of two categories. Big round eyed unduly optimistic speech with alluring sexual connotation and fatalist shrill hag like voices.

The God Allah would NEVER approve of Heroin or recreational opiate use or sale. Keep that in mind as things continue in turmoil in the Middle East.

And what did my High School Humanities Teacher admit to? There was one thing he could never tell his wife.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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