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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Abandoning Religious Ideas by the Church 10 01 2015

Abandoning Religious Ideas by the Church  10 01 2015

So according the Bible, as below,  Satan was a God too.

Satan is "the god of this world" he " has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel of the Glory of Christ" ( 2 Corinthians 4;4)

So how come the Catholic doctrine states that they only believe in one God?  Why would a Church want to deny the existence of an evil God?  The Church being Bible based is supposed to preach what the Bible states above.  And in practice they did tell us to fear the Devil in Catholic School.

What I am getting at is a contradiction in the Bible and religion.

So to believe in only one God means that you are to deny the existence of Satan?

We are told Jesus was a God.  Did Jesus believe in Satan?  Without a doubt!  And he could exercise satan from a person by saying something like, "Satan leave this person."  I don't remember the exact phrase and it is hard to look up.

But then according to Jesus Christ Satan was an evil spirit that demonically possessed people.

So a person is dunned by voices and they state that is really Satan; who in our world today would deny the existence of Satan?  Jesus told us of who that was too didn't he!  "I am the good shepherd!"  By saying that he is also implying the contrary is true that there are bad shepherds in this world.  And what would a bad shepherd (of people) seek to do?  Deny his own existence.  So the word Rabbi means teacher and the word shepherd is also a metaphor for teacher then; because JC was a Rabbi/teacher.  So when he tells us he is the good shepherd we are to equivocate that it means the same thing as being a good teacher.

Just a logic string that developed there.  But how many of you have known teachers that you considered to be bad?  Meaning that they created negative expectations for you?  They falsely appraised you? 

How far will the church go in breaking from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ and still call itself a church?  It seems to me that they should have lost that right some time ago.

Should a belief system be that subject to change?  Only if it is preached by an unsound person and various parts are used and called upon in false defense?  Changing an alibi?  "No, no it isn't that at all it is really this way."  Don't you just love those crime dramas where the criminal attempts to change his alibi and not realize that when he changes his story there are many things that other people can figure out from it; things that can be more readily proven untrue and used against him?

So a person attempts to abandon a religious belief.  For example Pope Francis stating there isn't any hell and Adam and Eve were not real.  What then happens?  It is like that game where you pull out the right straw and the whole thing falls apart.

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