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Friday, October 9, 2015

Chlorine Gas Cigarettes and WWI 10 09 2015

Chlorine Gas Cigarettes and WWI 10 09 2015

Who used Chlorine Gas as weapon in WWI? Germany?

Among other things it is a lung irritant and can cause death by asphyxiation.

When I am exposed to chlorine vapors from the washer (I will assert that is essentially chlorine gas as far as your human lungs know) I feel like I am not getting enough oxygen and a stupor can set in.

So Germany produced it as a byproduct of their dye manufacturing process?

But what else was happening around this time? Cigarettes were starting to be rolled by mass production factory machinery.  Hitler hated them!  His mother died of breast cancer.  He blamed the Jews for cigarettes and stated it was their way of spreading cancer?  Hitler banned smoking.

But what am I getting at?  So you are not getting enough oxygen in you because you were exposed to chlorine gas?  What is the first thing you might want?  A cigarette?  For some reason to open up those passages or rather replace  you oxygen deprivation with the nicotine stimulant?  That chlorine gas created a market for cigarettes?

But what else created a market for cigarettes?  Alcohol does doesn't it!!!  The drinker likes to recover while drinking and the next day by having tobacco stimulant to reverse the narcotic depressive properties of tobacco.  So we had Prohibition right up to WWII when FDR got elected in 1932.  What am I getting at?  That no alcohol environment created less tobacco profits?  Hence a powerful hidden agenda lobby worked hard to change it?

It has been stated that Hitler wore his mustache narrow like that so that it could better fit in his gas mask.  What does that tell you?  We know that he was exposed to mustard gas and was temporarily blinded...went to see a Jewish psychiatrist named Forester... who used a method of meaness to treat him, he called him a "Sniveling spoiled brat."  Wasn't any resentment because of that?  But what that tells you is that his gas exposure was indeed very real.  But one more thing about him.  Do you notice how pictures of him changed before the exposure and after?  After that WWI exposure his eyes were a little more zombie like!  Comes from oxygen deprivation?

So what are the antidotes to chlorine gas poisoning?

I couldn't find Vitamin B12 also known as niacin listed anywhere there as a treatment.  So I will just mention that is has something chemically in common with nicotine???

Does this sound like paranoia?  Abraham Lincoln ordered detective work or research on criminal families of the south and all that information was said to be lost in a library fire?

Now that sounds a lot like the CIA building in New York being blown up at the same time the World Trade Center was hit?


I am about to give up on all this social reform writing.  I don't see how it is helping.  It seems to me that a great many people don't want to read this stuff or even like it that I am writing it.  They are happy having a God Father's cognition guiding them?  And that God father is indeed someone who is tormented with voices in their head.  They don't want to change because that second cognition is far better than their baseline.  So that is indeed heathenization.


The eugenics and immigration programs around the 20's to 50's etc. believed that the wealthy were of better genetic stock no matter where they came from?  I would disagree with that 100 percent.  I believe that the child of a teacher is of much better genetic stock.  By the way the word Rabbi means teacher.

So why did Israel initially fall?  We know from the Bible that Jesus Christ a Rabbi scolded the people of the village for not bring there children out to learn from him.  Including how to fight?  So a whole nation fell because people did not want to listen to their teachers!

Sounds a lot like the special education programs, the school choice programs (don't want to listen to any teachers at that school), the Republican Party declared to be the Party for those with Downs Syndrome and their families,  and how about common core?  So why didn't they come out of their homes to listen to Jesus Christ the teacher/rabbi?  ...they already thought that they knew everything he did and that was their common core?

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