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Friday, October 2, 2015

You don't already know everything you need to know in life 10 02 2015

You don't already know everything you need to know in life.

So in that previous article we learned that Jesus a Rabbi, means teacher, tried to educate the Jews of Israel. However they would not come out to the courtyard to listen.

So the question becomes who is it that believes they know all there is to know already in life?

The motivation for that belief is that it is very hard for you to learn anything new hence you are stubborn and believe you know all there is to know already?

Were the Jews of Israel already heathenized by the Romans? Probably. Why don't you come out of your homes? Because you are afraid to?

We know that the Romans grabbed straws in relation to the women of Israel in the cities that they conquered. Grabbed straws to see who would be the first to rape and impregnate them with heathen Romans? And if the Romans heathenized the Jews it means that the Romans were heathens. So very possible the children who wouldn't come out of their homes to learn were already of the Roman heathen genealogy?

Have we heard that philosophy of you already know all you need to know in life recently?

  1. There was an Italian (lineage of Roman) that wrote a book with that as the theme. He was/is? The owner of a very large printing business. Is is fair to say that magazines and the businesses that support them make their money from drug advertising? ~pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco? Those are all substances that cause mental retardation? What does that have to do with anything? Money in politics determining public policy. Do you see how this is a self perpetuating beast?
  2. So what was the second incidence of you already know everything you need to know in life? It is Common Core Education Standards isn't it! Was it designed to address the great percentage of children with learning disabilities?

    Can you imagine marrying a woman in life and your soul job was to do everything and anything it takes to maintain a delusion she had? A delusion that she knew all that she ever needed to know in life already? The only way you could do that without becoming very stressed and getting a divorce is if you were of that exact same belief system.

So Roman Catholic Priests were also teachers and principles weren't they! What would someone that believed they knew everything in life already do to prevent anyone from learning and achieving past them? There were 8,000 accusations of sexual molestation by Roman Catholic Priests in the archdiocese of Milwaukee alone! They were traumatized because they had greater potential.

No one ever really wants to say where the Romans came from. I'll tell you exactly where they came from, they were evictees from Jewish Villages because they had mental retardation from alcohol, known today as fetal alcohol syndrome. Some of those are likely to have Down's Syndrome too. To me it looks like a lot of them have the same Down's Syndrome facial features.

But who is more likely to be of the willful “I know everything I need to know in life already?” It is a spoiled woman's will isn't it! And what is the real reason? Because you explain something to them and they are not able to understand it. Hence they are afraid to ask questions because they don't even know where to start. Learning is out of there comfort zone. And what type of will would possess a male to sexually molest a boy? An evil woman's will!

But what is the moral of this whole article? It is that those who believe that they know all they really need to know in life really don't. Many of them were stubborn to give up smoking and died of prolonged and horribly painful deaths from cancer. So it doesn't end well for them despite their efforts to live in delusion. How many other substances that will give you cancer just like tobacco does are our “there” today? Too many to list. But you don't dare say they are to be banned! Why not? Because the profits from them go to support the delusion of the woman who believes that she already knows everything she needs to know in life! That money keeps her happy! Who else wants to take that away? It is called “Wealth Redistribution” That is a belief system that cost this country a lot of money isn't it. “I already know everything I need to know in life!”

But when is it okay to say that you already know everything you need to know in life?  When you don't want to be taught by a confirmed child sexual molester!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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