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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Join the Circus 10 13 2015

Join the Circus 10 13 2015

Last years master of ceremonies was Mitt Romney this year the man representing the Tuxedo is Donald Trump.

Donald might have said how ugly Carly Fiorina was so I will just expand on that comment.  She looks like the snake lady they painted with scales in the side show.

Along those same lines is Marco Rubio with Wolf Man ears!  Marco Rubio gets the Hispanic drug money vote?

And Barack Obama also fills the role of master of ceremony this year again as Mr. Peanut with his top hat!  However we have a new entrant, Ben Carson the Curious George brain surgeon who has proven himself not a childhood character but someone who was successful and therefore a great role model for the blacks to vote for!

But what about young women?  They have Hilary Clinton the spoiled little girl who did a lot of things wrong but is defiant to admit to any of them!  She is defiant and it is paying off for her isn't it?  She will get the Jewish woman vote for sure.

But what about all the needy Americans?  They thought of that already.  People with Down's Syndrome are often more stocky and have greater muscle because their arm bones are less long they can build stronger muscle.  So Cathy McMorris Rogers deserves honorable mention for the strong man in the side show, by declaring it is the party for families with Downs Syndrome!

It is a world theater of course.  So you have Snake eyed Putin rattling his sabre across the pond to distract you from democracy!

Then you have Ted Cruz who plays Mr. Lister from the British Red Dwarf science fiction comedy series.  So we have the British influence in this don't we.

What about Biden?  He is like your defeated town Mayor attempting to assert himself now and again.

So how did it all start?  With Ronald Reagan the actor turned politician who asked a fortune teller from the Jewish college Vassar advice on every single matter of policy.

So there indeed it is.  A Government controlled by the circus gypsies!

I bet Hilary wins for the above reasons.  That or Curious George Ben Carson gets the black vote.

The wealthy really don't care because they are controlling it; it means nothing changes!  Change scares them because it means loss of money and therefore necessitation to work.

Then you have Sara Palin appearing as the wicked witch of the North every so often.

Then there is the 'Good Ole Boy' Jeb Bush who we are to believe is from a better bred political family.  Lets put it this way.  I believe at Wisconsin Memorial Park where my father was buried they have short biographies in picture form.  George Bush's say's that he is part native American in nationality???  And is that were he got his unconstitutional notion to torture from?  So Jeb Bush gets the Native American Casino money backing him.  One thing Native Americans might not realize if they intend to take over the U.S. is that individual tribes hated each other and fought horrifically with one another.  They also did not believe in the same things!  Yep if you can't read all of those modern things you like, like guns and cars won't be able to be made anymore.

Then Bernie Sanders who always stops short of saying something that would be indicative of meaningful policy supporting our democracy and freedom.

Do you see how everything is reduced to something a hag can understand and therefore control?  Less she have a nervous incompetence fit and take it out on her ineffectual husband?

The truth is that the entire Financial system is controlled by Madam Rue who drives people out of their minds in order to dislocate their souls in time and space and therefore steal near perfect futures and information.

As long as I am talking about sideshows I want to place the following comment.

The mentally defective felt more naked during Prohibition than Adam and Eve.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 10 13 2015 at:

Pardon me if I misspelled your names.  We don't have time for you!

I was going to ask where is the red headed clown in all of this?  Does Carly have red hair?


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