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Friday, October 2, 2015

Public Service Issue 10 02 2015

Public Service Issue 10 02 2015

Instead of feeding small and large tree branches into a chipper shredder that is towed behind a dump truck there should be a "Mill" that is towed behind that dump truck!  Instead of all that lumber being chipped and shredded it should be required to be milled into boards on the spot.

The paper companies won't like that idea.  But the fact is that I don't like the way paper is being used today anyway!  We have a dishonest media that is therefore negligently wasting a national resource!!!!  Perhaps a newspaper should only be allowed to print on its own recycled newspaper paper?  Wouldn't that be responsible?  They might even be able to figure out a way to capture the ink?  If a check washing criminal can figure out how to erase the hand writing on a check some Specialty Chemical person and his minions ought to be able to figure this one out too!

Did anyone else figure out that Professional Business "people" have the exact same level of Professionalism as the pro football player that stomps on the other players hand when he is on the ground?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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