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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Saving 10 27 2015

Saving 10 27 2015

The only way that you can save yourself is by saving other people just like you.

The corollary is that if you are not saving other people just like you with your action then you are not saving yourself; or you have no self to save.

And what does it mean to save?  To fight for what is right over what is wrong!  To fight for freedom!  To fight for human rights.

If you attempt to just save yourself and no one else then it is a selfish goal and it won't work because of that.  How can you save yourself by being selfish?  You have to assume that other people are in the same negative circumstance as you so you are not just fighting for yourself but those like you who are not strong enough to fight for themselves.

Who among us would fight so that human beings could not be free?  Who among us would target a normal human being and seek to enslave them?  What personal satisfaction does a person get by saying, "I own that person!"  I believe in genocide of those of the slave master mentality!  What place on earth do they have?

It is a delusion! "I own that person so I am all that person is plus me!"  No you are not!  You are not even a person you are a monster!


Thomas Paul Murphy
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