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Thursday, October 22, 2015

On Hillary Clinton 10 22 2015

On Hillary Clinton 10 22 2015

Weapons to Libya? Applying our Democracy and Constitution to other countries means whole heartedly that we can give or sell weapons into foreign nations! May every other single country have the exact same right we do.

What about Mr. Pompeo assertion that we should have sent bombers over to Libya for the lives of a few Americans? We do not send Americans to foreign countries and then bomb that entire country to death because they got in trouble over there.

An Ambassador should know that these foreign countries do not think like us or have the exact same policy as us. So they should know that they are always in harms way!

And perhaps we should bring all of our Ambassadors home to the United States until we get our act straight here. We can send them back when we are seen and respected by foreign nations again. Whether the U.S. Is respected or not depends on our leadership!

We never are to deny when our leadership has been bad! We should never attribute our foreign problems to anything other than that. And the whole lot of them!

If Libya was really as Democratic as they stated to be then everyone over there could have had a weapon and we would be hearing Hilary being grilled.

So we put up an Embassy and then over time cause trouble. What should we really be doing? Just set up an Embassy. On the front of that embassy written in stone in that countries language we write the United States Constitution. When you agree with this idea for your people call us and we will trade with you. Because we know that you believe the same thing as us.

And after that we don't keep another person in that nation under the U.S. Payroll.

Now what was Gaddafi up to? Anyone tell me why we didn't like him? Specifics? Because we reduced that country to rubble. I know that he was putting some policies in place that were far more Democratic than those of the United States.

And that is a big problem when the U.S. Destroys a country because they are more democratic than we are.

We don't really hear about Libya? Because the banks and oil companies are running it? Just like they got us into the war in the Middle East and also defrauded Americans of their homes in the mortgage fraud crisis. That isn't democracy! What we are seeing here is that many provisions of Capitalism are highly inconsistent with democracy! First and foremost we are about democracy because it symbolizes human freedom and rights. Capitalism symbolizes making money from human lives.


So I read that the CEO of Wisconsin's largest Corporation bailed out a man who stole $50 million in a ponzie scheme. He has an Italian surname.

Why does a man who makes that much money support a man who is such a criminal

So what was he up to? Sourcing women from around the state for hokie pokie with him?

When I read of this stuff, and I hear voices and know they are created in medical fraud, I think about Benito Mussolini.

What would Mussolini do about someone like that?

  1. He went after the Italian Mafia! And I believe that he vowed to eliminate them.  That Mafia fled to the United States and took part in killing a United States President.
  2. He nationalized businesses. He also broke labor Unions? Why? My inkling is that so the normal worker had a chance! So that he wasn't squeezed out of employment by organized crime.
  3. He also wanted to grow wheat! What was his goal with that, and I am speculating. He knew that wine with its high alcohol content was bad for the Italian people and caused mental retardation? Through Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. That mental retardation being the source of the criminal mind? He wanted the wheat so that people had food to eat. What a beautiful idea.
  4. What would Mussolini say or do about the tens of thousands of accusations of Catholic Priest sex abuse of children?
  7. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************But What am I getting at here? When we have to tolerate corruption like this our Government needs to strictly punish those who commit the activity. It can't be allowed to evade this law and that. The stink can't be allowed to keep coming. What I am saying is that when this is allowed to go on a nation is at risk of fascism in response to it! Bottom line you have to punish the criminals and create fairness before you have a Revolution. Now anyone remember a few years ago when Michelle Obama stated there would be a Revolution? Barrack needs to get as hard as he can and obey the law to punish criminals so that it doesn't occur! Rather than remark all cutesy there will be a revolution.

    Thomas Paul Murphy
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So Hillary just got grilled and looked very tired from it.  She is a Presidential Candidate.  At the very least this will keep her more honest and completely transparent in her future political ventures?  Did this committee hearing make her a better person or not?  I don't think it changed her one bit.  And when asked one question she grabbed her nose.  That is an indication a person just told a like?

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