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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Supreme Court Taking up the Death Penalty 10 11 2015

Supreme Court taking up the Death Penalty

There is legal theory, there is legal philosophy, there is legal gossip, there is legal negligence and then there is the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Second Amendment implies that the Death Penalty is both warranted and legal. It is a deadly weapon and the framework of freedom states you are allowed to have one!

That means a Police Officer can not have a gun!

Which means that a criminal can go on a shooting spree and keep killing and not be killed for it!

That means an army man can't have one.

That means that an army man can not kill a soldier who is killing his own side members.

That means that there is no crime whatsoever that can be classified as so horrific that the death penalty is justified? Someone could be eating your children alive. Slicing off pieces of them like the Japanese did to people in WWII. And you couldn't do anything about it!

No crime whatsoever that deserves the death penalty? That is like how an irresponsible parent that cannot correct their child's behavior thinks. “My spoiled brat can do no wrong!”

Do the faces of the Supreme Court members looked spoiled to you? They do to me! The flip side of that is spoiled and resentfully mean because they cannot compete fairly in a framework of freedom!
It is like they were smoking on an Indian pot pipe and actually believe that they can contrive United States law and no one will notice!
The logic being that if you can not execute a person in a final judgment then you have no right to execute them while they are in the process of the act either.

It is just plain mentally defective logic.

They want to nix the death penalty so that they can completely nix gun ownership.

A man commits a series of horrific child sexual mutilations. He goes to prison and is stated to have been reformed and released. Then he starts thinking again. “What I did wasn't so bad or they would not have released me.” “Because of that I can do it again!”

Another up and comer mentally defective person reads that in the paper and thinks, “What he did wasn't so bad that anyone could kill him for it! I want to do that to! But wait I better not. Maybe I will just start with animals first.”

Barack Obama doesn't think that his High School drug use impaired him in any way, but believe you me, it shows! And the faces of that Supreme Court reveal that the same thing is true of them!

When a crime rises to this level of legal negligence it is treason. And treason is punishable by death!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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