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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hey great he has a job! 10 14 2015

Hey great he has a job! 10 14 2015

Why should you care if a family hires a retard?

Because businesses are funded through the banking system! The banks don't really make profits because of this, what they do create is deferred liability. And John Q. Public ends up paying for it when the Government bails them out of bankruptcy!

(The point becomes more clear if you just isolate the issue, “What if it is a bank that hires that family member?”)

All of that ends up on the liability side of the banking industry. There was a provision whereby banks and Investment/Insurance businesses had to be separate! As soon as that was repealed we had the mortgage crisis; which was caused by massive fraud!

So your life isn't too bad, you are middle class and suddenly the banks go bankrupt and you can't eat and lose your home. Meanwhile the bankers still have money!

And the parents of that mentally challenged person want it to have the exact same lifestyle as them. That means that they charge higher prices otherwise known as inflation! Which means you can't afford anything. They need to charge higher prices in order to make more profits in order to give that mentally challenged person their same lifestyle!


Because alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere lets go back in history and attempt to sort it out.

German American beer baron families connected to Nazi Germany? During Prohibition in the U.S. They lost profits or went out of business. At which time the mentally defective felt more naked than Adam and Eve? So were their family connections between the U.S. And Germany that were a hidden force in fomenting WW2? No doubt! And what was the other possible threat to German Americans? “They know we are mentally retarded and they want to euthanize us!” It is a little known fact but WHEN our Government declared that you can't euthanize blue collar criminals without euthenizing white we ended up entering WW2!”

A little off topic. The word Britain comes from Pritan. And Pritan means tattoo! (and I might be a little off on my spelling but it is true. But England was the United States greatest enemy in world history. So I have to ask the question. It is an Island. And what do islands make? They make the perfect penal colonies! So did Britian's tattoo themselves or where they tattooed to serve as a warning and as an indication they were part of that penal colony? Perhaps that is in the historical Irish literature or Egyptian library that were destroyed!


So what do we have in the United States today? “Make the job so 'easy' that you ruin the job and also the entire profession!”

We see that in most of the industries today!

Banking! Massive fraud!

Investments! Deferred liabilities harmful to human health that can't be stopped.

Corporate Managers! You will not find the emotionally disturbed and therefore emotionally mentally retarded stacked up in any greater numbers that in corporate management!

Teaching! Teachers are hired because they are networked and we have had to lower the standards for that very reason; they can't teach and the beginning of this article can't learn!

Parenting! She want's to smoke pot because it is so hard for her to raise her own child! I could go on and on about that one!

Government! Don't worry about a thing money will determine who are leader is and that means no change will occur! When money decides no change occurs!

Health Care! How many people die directly from prescription drugs! The stats are astronomical!

Construction?  We can't afford to keep up the infrastructure because of this!
So again what does it all mean? That retard nepotism that finds its way into the general tap through bankruptcy means inflation!


Again back the cause of retardation; drugs and alcohol. So you see a family run grocery store has probably well over 100 people on the payroll per store. They have to charge inflationary prices to give them the same lifestyle. After all they would not be happy otherwise! But how else do they make there money related to the above! The secret is that they make most of their money from alcohol sales!!!! A family grocery store would not be in business without alcohol!

And of course that kid sometimes doesn't want to do what his father did so he goes into banking finance! And who does he loan money to that ends up as a deferred cost to the U.S. Citizen? His own family or nationality! Those who sell high margin mental retardation are a safe bet? Or are they? Remember it all gets deferred to the general citizen in bankruptcy! They even have reinsurance businesses that make money by insuring these kinds of things who are indeed also insured by John Q. Public in the end!


Have you ever had to compete in the workforce with a retard?


Can you believe that they even screwed up religion! What happens when your normal minded middle class child is viewed as a threat by these monsters? There were over 8000 accusations of sexual assault by Catholic Priests in the Milwaukee Archdiocese alone! It isn't an anomalous event is it! Do you see how I equivocate the devil to the retard? Compared to that the normal person is a God! And Jesus Christ said just that to them, “Don't you know that you are Gods?”


Back to the second sentence as reference. You might also care because that person is taking away a job from a middle class person! You might also care because a family member should be doing that job instead of that family member working in the banking industry and ruining it for all of us!


So that is who and how America has been ruined.

By the time that you catch them you will be either disabled or dead!

That violates your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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