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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Four Americans killed in Benghazi Libya 10 22 2015

Four Americans killed in Benghazi Libya 10 22 2015

So a man takes up walking on a high wire for a living.  And for some reason as part of that profession as he is crossing between two skyscrapers he falls to his death.

What is a person supposed to think about that?  Are we supposed to start a union for high wire walkers?  Are we supposed to hold senate hearings on better working conditions for high wire walkers?

Are we supposed to always think in them in honor for the service they provided?

If he was in a foreign country walking a tight rope and fell to his death are we supposed to bomb that country to rubble?

And we tend to think of these embassy workers as highly intelligent?  What if they were really jug heads?

They make more money than I ever will.  They made more money than the average American does. 

We send out jug heads to staff foreign embassies around the world and they get up their on the tight rope and...

Are we to pretend that no high paying jobs in the United States come with risk?  And what happens when someone screws up a very high paying job then we tend to say it wasn't their fault!  But weren't they really being highly compensated because the risk of screwing up that job and the repercussions from it were extremely dangerous to other Americans?  What am I getting at?  We should assume that people will be safe because they are capable of handling the risk with that high paying job.  Otherwise they should not have been hired to do it!  And what it means is that plenty have been hired and employed where they never belonged.

What we really learned today is that they were creating a mouse trap and that they themselves got caught in it and killed!  Even the average American man should know better than that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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