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Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's the People's Money 10 10 2015

It's the People's Money 10 10 2015

United States Government money should have been pouring in to produce solar electric producing arrays (farms) all over the nation!  That would have supported greater freedom!  Freedom is what the United States is supposed to represent; not millions pouring into political campaigns to prop up the biggest crypto retard at the national podium!

It's the peoples money!  The Government should have spent the Peoples Money in support of reducing our heating and electric costs in this manner but it has been failed crypto retard leadership!

A cartel prophet seeking group has instead put us at war with the middle east!  They have lowered the standards of humanity in the United States to that of Communism!  But even the communists are more democratic than the United States; they are producing the solar electric producing farms as fast as they can.

What a national shame the money backed crypto retards have been to the United States!

A Crypto Retard knows that it cannot compete; hence it creates monopolies and also needs divine right limited liability in order to maintain its wealth.  They drink hard liquor like fish and have crypto retard strong verbal ability low IQ emotionally disturbed children in majority numbers!

The money is not being spent how the people would spend it!  The money is not being spent how the people would want it to be spent!  And it is the peoples money!  It doesn't belong to oil, banking or corporate cartels!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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  1. Once you start something like that it creates an annuity of prosperity for the American people!