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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Brain Anatomy 10 29 2015 to be continued

Brain Anatomy 10 29 2015

Both the sperm and the ova have to have cell nucleus's.

The left side is the analytical, hunter.

The right side is said to be the creative hunter gatherer.

What has to happen is that the cell nucleus of the sperm is the core of the left side of the brain and the ova the right side of the brain?

Each created to house a separate energy body.

In a mature and normal adult those sides of the brain are synchronized and work together.


So Ben Carson successfully treated epilepsy by removing half a brain in children?

How is epilepsy created in the first place?

1. A mentally defective cell nucleus on one side of the brain.
2.  Inability of the childs brain to synchronize.
3.  Satanic indoctrination of the child!  Whereby the child was taught to spry.  Either a. As a survival attempt in relation to half a bad brain.  b.  Just plain evil witchcraft.  c.  Not having a legitimate father to imprint that left side of the brain.  He has to be there doesn't he!

What behavior characteristics would a boy with a bad left side of the brain exhibit?
1. Meanness?
2.  Inability to solve easy problems and therefore frustration leading to meanness?
3.   An attempt to deemphasize the intellectual work of others in favor of physical domination.
4.  An attempt to verbally manipulate what he cannot analyze?  To control what he can't comprehend?

Perhaps if certain people who do not hear voices were treated with brain surgery some of us would never hear voices again.

And those people might indeed be extremely happy after that brain surgery.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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To be continued

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