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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Schizophrenia and what the spoiled child believes 10 07 2015

Schizophrenia and what the spoiled child believes 10 07 2015

The spoiled child believes that anything it can distract you from thinking or remembering is then no longer reality!


So Bill Clinton brought us NAFTA and that opening of the border with Mexico brought us illegal immigrants and also heroin deaths and victimizations of a great many white Americans.

So what is that Asiatic, Hispanic, Indian gene?  The skin color is neither white nor black?  Does it come from black?  It being a miscegenation of white and black?  If it originates from King David and Bathsheba then it is an odd miscegenation.   Because David likely had a ashen white white skin from miscegenation in the first place.  Bathsheba likely another form of light skin dark person who was a miscegenated.  What am I getting at?  It has to do with the complexity of DNA combining to form one person when two different skin colored people copulate.  Is it a toss of the dice determining if the skin will be white or black?  And in moments like that is not the process of forming the fetus delayed just a little bit?  And what grows the fastest?  The brain.  So it is like cancer, the organs that regenerate the faster kill you quicker when they develop cancer because the cancer cells also therefore regenerate very fast.  What am I getting at?  The brain growing the fastest in the fetus likely does not form correctly so that a human conscious and human reason are normal.  Hence you have races that join based on money and not love.  Someone with a human conscience would have a very hard time marrying for money.  But it has also been stated that Jews marry for money.  Also the wealthy socialite drinking class marries for money.  Think of your plantations in the south sitting on the porch sipping whiskey.  Think of the skinny white people with grey colored skin.  Very few white people left.  The white ruling class doesn't really care because they are in power.  And because they have mental retardation (they have it but you won't see it) they too can do many horrific things.  Essentially poisoning our environment and killing people with pharmaceuticals, also a lot of medical fraud and negligence related to not being able to think with a human conscience and human reason.

But look at that India Indian race a little more.  They marry for money and not love.  They are prearranged marriages.  How does that sustain family values in the United States?

And what about China?  They are all basically in labor camps with little freedom?  It means that the leadership marries for money and not love.

Back to skin color.  So in world history at one point there was a great flood.  We also know that their was a great storm when Jesus Christ died?  But from the Dead Sea Scrolls we also learn that at some point in history what was called the son's of darkness beat the son's of lightness in a war.  Dark being bad and light being good.  So was that the reason for the great flood?  Now in order to make sense of that you have to view all matter as energy.  And when "good" which is represented by "Son's of light" and Jesus Christ, etc have to believe that "good" is symbolic of what "Creation" is.  So in the absence of good you get destruction and cataclysm.

So Barack just gave us a Trans Pacific Trade deal.  If NAFTA gave us illegal immigrants and heroin deaths of white people what will that TPTD give us?  So you have ethnicities that are completely based on unions of money.  Who is to say there is anything wrong with white people declaring that needs to be bread out of them?  I mean what is the big deal, who really cares they didn't marry for love any way.  They were bred for money.  And what is breeding for money it is the creation of a child that will never know love.  That has to cause an emotional developmental disability.  That is also mental retardation whether anyone wants to label it or not.  Being a bully is an emotional developmental disability and therefore because it is a developmental disability is it retardation.  The word RETARD is defined in any English Dictionary to mean to delay the development of.  But it isn't even a strong enough word because when it is permanent it wasn't delayed.  The delay part isn't even a reality to it because the damage was permanent and that person will never be 100%.  So people say that was a mean word but it wasn't even strong enough was it.

So that child born of money grows up and it then doesn't want you to be able to think because the reality represented by the free association and conscience stream of your mind is terminally depressing to it; because in effect it was a child of darkness.  Hence you hear curses in your head.  Just as the spoiled child begs for everything from its parents in life it also begs that you do not think thoughts about anything that are TRUE.

So those of us who hear the voices of retards in our not likely to win the war against Satan.  But when all of us are gone there will indeed be another great flood as the energy of life creation has been displaced from this planet earth.

But look at the timing of the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership and Barack's Gun Control?  Take away the guns and then allow all forms of immigrants into this country?  It doesn't look good for the white middle class.  And Gun Control in itself is an act of Treason and Treason is punishable by death.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Two morals here:

1.  You never see a class bully diagnosed with as emotionally disturbed and therefore an emotional development disorder and therefore the equivalent of mental retardation.

2.  Do you ever see an India person marry a white person?  I can't name too many unions of that nature.  It isn't common is it.

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