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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Center For Disease Control 10 14 2015

The Center For Disease Control 10 14 2015

They have been a complete sham!

What have they done for AIDS?  Nothing!

Homosexual travel and frequenting of night clubs should have been restricted.

What about Rheumatoid Arthritis?  The Nov/ Dec issue of Arthritis Today revealed that it is directly correlated (means caused) by an overgrowth of a specific type of bacteria in the stomach.  So where was the CDC on that?  Makes you wonder how many CDC officials are drug users themselves?

What about those born with mental retardation?  Nothing!  In fact the rate of Autism is skyrocketing!  "Retard" means to delay the development of so it is mental retardation!

And look at the correlation between areas that have increased Hispanic population and disease!  Very high correlation!

And what about Gun violence?  We have, what 14 million recent illegal immigrants, mostly Hispanic!  That is your positive correlation to increased gun violence!

But what did George Bush let all those Mexicans in the United States?  Because it increases the nations need for oil!  Both George, his brother Jeb, Hilary Clinton and Whitewater, and Barack Obama and his mystery oil father; all oil money!

How much more energy does it cost to heat 14 million peoples homes?  How much more gas do they put in their cars?  That is why they were allowed to enter in violation of United States immigration law!

So how do we solve this?  Very easily!  We declare that Mexico is the United States Two!

And what about the Second Amendment of the United States?  If Mexico had The Second Amendment and everyone in the nation were REQUIRED to have one they would not be immigrating into the United States.  At one point in U.S. history everyone was required to have a gun!

So Rick Perry of Texas believes that there is no such thing as mental illness?  If a person that commits horrific crimes isn't mentally ill then is a delusion to believe that person isn't mentally ill!  So Rick Perry is either willfully stupid or suffers from a symptom of mental illness known as delusion!

Back to the CDC.  What about Schizophrenia?  Schizophrenics lives matter!  More so than black lives!  More so than illegal immigrants!  The truth be told is that if the Center for Disease Control wanted to address the affliction of schizophrenia then all those who are cursing us in our heads would be segregated and then quarantined!

A lot of people will need to be deported to the United States Two.  Less energy will be required to be expended on a worldwide effort because Mexico is closer to the equator.  You want to smoke pot and have a mystery retard child?  You will be going to the United States Two.  And I know what you are thinking.  If we are all together we will get along just fine.  At one point the Native Americans were the only people in the United States, they believed many different things between tribes and they fought each other worse than cats and dogs.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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