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Friday, October 9, 2015

Advice on dating and marriage for the confused young girl 10 09 2015

Advice on dating and marriage for the confused young girl 10 09 2015

You should only have sex with a man whom you want your born son to be like! Even if it means polygamy! Polygamy is far far better than Game Theory Fraudulent Schizophrenia and you attempting to inverse imprint your children's mind from the man you would want to be their father! That is not fair to mankind! And if it means that no man wants to have sex with you, well that is indeed natural selection that maintains the human race and gene pool! What woman would not want the human race and gene pool to be maintained? A woman whose parents did not marry in love! (Game theory being John Nash the mathematicians philosophy that if everyone goes for the same thing no one can win!)

So indeed weak, spoiled and mean women are the cause of schizophrenia! The man you wanted to marry to raise your children did not want to marry you or you were too weak to talk to him. But you still want it your way because there is only one mind that you trust? So you seek to inverse imprint your children's minds from a mans mind by demonizing him with cursing voices?

Be honest there is something you don't like about man and mankind! Something you greatly resent about it! That behavior is indicative of you relegating the idea of man to that of something disposable; something that is a necessary burden to your spoiled life? No, more to the point, you don't want to have to maintain a mental concept of man as man really is and was meant to be! You desire to think of and regard man as being less than man and less than you! Something you can control! Make an negative example of the smart males that think like men so that the other men never tell you what to do! Never challenge you in any way! For the spoiled willful woman does not want to be challenged by man!

You curse the thoughts of men so that your less than men believe in the fatality of thinking like a man! You curse the thoughts of men so that your less than men fear you and conform to your will. Hence your less than men also share camaraderie in their sense of defeatism. If you can't think like a human being man because of a mental defect either born with or conditioned to then all you can do is sit back and laugh and attempt to defeat by any means what you CANNOT be! And once a person passes an age of mental development and emotional mental development without developing they are NEVER going to be any other way!

The Bible is pro-choice! It is the foundation of the Catholic Church and the Christian religions. To base your religion on Christ and directly contradict the word of God in the Bible is religious fraud! Fraudulent religious entities should not be rewarded with charity status!

Essentially God said to Abraham, “You kill that ugly retard birth defect baby son.”

One more point on Gun Control. The retard see's a gun and has learned just enough in life to know that they are irresponsible to have one! They know that would be very dangerous for them to have one! But they have been taught to believe that no one else is any different or better than them! If they were not taught that they were not any different than anyone else then through the natural learning process of comparison they would have experiences a lifetime of terminal depression. Hence they project that belief onto everyone else! When the truth is that they should not be projecting or legislating anything concerning anyone! So what happens when the retard realizes that they are different and not as good as other people? What happens when they experience that epiphany? Better they take it out on themselves than other people. Gun control is the worst possible answer for this problem! It is a child that is so spoiled that they are emotionally and therefore mentally retarded not wanting to believe that anyone is any different than them! And indeed a leading proponent of Gun Control Michael Bloomberg has made numerous comments to that exact effect! Make no mistake about it Gun Control is treason. The greatest nation in the world was not formed by those who did not have faith in themselves! Human Freedom was not based on those who proudly claim to have the cognition of an imaginary friend. That is spoiled candy a$$ed queer bastardization! And bastardization or pro-life is indeed another willful degradation of the concept of man! As stated above the Bible and the word of God is indeed Pro-choice!

If I have 10 kids and one of them is the worst thing on earth I better be able to have that one euthanized! The surname Lynch is based on that concept and in high regard! If that 1 of 10 kids is such a horror and menace to the development of the other 9 how can I as a man support that! This son is bad he raped his sister or brother again and again. Are you telling me a father doesn't have the right to say, “That isn't my son! I don't know where he came from! Please forgive me! He is a great shame to me! I cannot love him or forgive him! He could not be disciplined! He could not change! He was defiant and mean! He pushed drugs onto good children. He sexually molested children when he was a priest!....”  "He is a great shame to me and our ancestry and our paternal family surname!"

Anyone get it?

When you here the story of a Mayor executing his own son because the son did many criminal things and was very bad; doesn't it give you some faith in humanity! Don't you feel that Mayor should be proud? Don't you respect someone like that? I do!
When the Pope declared there is no hell it meant he doesn't want you to have to fear God!  If you don't have to fear God perhaps you should at least be made to fear your own father!  But if you are not to respect your own father who is going to develop a human conscience in you?  How are you going to get through the day's of your life without having human reason?  Very simply you just think like a spoiled woman don't you!
So how is the world shaping up to end?  First there will be tribalization; grouping into tribes!  And then there will be extinction from wars plus the toxic trappings of step down genetics to the point whereby...the true concept and reality of man, as he was meant to be,  plays a lot more central figure in the survival of the human species than you could ever admit to!  Man isn't something to be tormented, denigrated and disrespected.
Some of you would have no idea of what I am talking about!  But I know that there are some who know exactly what I am talking about!

Who would want their children to have a father figure not their father and not have to treat him like a father should be treated?  It is almost unfathomable but those sick people are out there!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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