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Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, October 24, 2015

More on Hillary Clinton and Libya 10 24 2015

So somehow if Hillary left politics you would still have echelon after echelon of the people who she worked for who do about the same thing she does in Gov. And this is where it really makes no difference what political affiliation they claim to be with. No matter what affiliation the affluent in Government are labeling themselves as they all act like they are part of the body of the same snake? What am I getting at? There would still be people in all functions of gov like the one that suggested a private security force arm rebels in Libya? They have their own agenda! Chastise the power head figure until it leaves politics and they are still going on with whatever agenda that is. And if you were to get in their way you would end up a statistic of that hidden agenda? And what happens when they are operating under a hidden agenda likely to protect wealth interests? Invariably they screw up and then declare that we have to go to war over it. We go to war because they were operating in confidentiality and then screwed up while doing so! The American people don't support logging heads like that! Or at least I don't! "Hey look I wasn't telling anyone what I was doing and it got us into a military conflict. Will you cut me a little slack?" That is how they think or fail to think. They will tell us that they thought everything they did out and it was for the best interests of the American people. The problem being that for some reason they granted themselves false confidence in accountability. And isn't that one of the most willful lies a person can tell themselves!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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