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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Teamsters Union 10 20 2015

Teamsters Union 10 20 2015

Look at that!  You killed your last Union President and there has never been another one!  Because you are too afraid to step up to the plate and stand for the worker?  Why?  Because organized crime will kill you?  Oops I got that wrong.  That was a different Jimmy Hoffa.  There are two listed there.

What does that really mean?  That is something that needs to end?

But here is who they were purported to represent:  (taken right from Wikipedia by me.)

So this is indeed a big part of the economy.

  • Airline Division
  • Bakery and Laundry Conference
  • Brewery and Soft Drink Conference
  • Building Material and Construction Trade Division
  • Carhaul Division
  • Dairy Conference
  • Express Division
  • Freight Division
  • Graphic Communications Conference
  • Industrial Trade Division
  • Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division
  • Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Worker
  • Parcel and Small Package Division
  • Port Division
  • Public Services Trade Division
  • Rail Conference
  • Tankhaul Division
  • Trade Show and Convention Centers Division
  • Warehouse Division
  • Waste Division
  • New York Horse and Carriage Association

  • And how many of those blue collar workers kids smoked and dealt pot?  Quite a few.  Kids spent your money on pot?

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