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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Insurance Contracts that are misworded 10 27 2015

Insurance Contracts that are misworded 10 27 2015

Insurance Contracts that are misworded so that even a highly educated person would never be able to tell what was excluded.

This is a spoiled brat 2 for me 1 for you concept.

All premiums should be given back.

Gov money is mine?  So what do they pay out and how?  They pay out life insurance but how?

But funneling it all into a giant bank every 70 years and then having the citizen pay when they go bankrupt and are bailed out by the citizen?

By considering Gov money theirs?  So when gov gets a percent of assets upon death somehow ... how would that translate?  It helps with the bailout?

How else do they pay it out?  When they own the insurance company and the cemetery?  Mark up the cost of the funeral to the cost of the insurance policy, on average?  And what about those who don't own the cemetery and funeral home (and hospital for that matter)  what are the odds they are paying a reinsurance fee to those business or are a pass through partnership entity of them in some way, dislocated agent might be the more accurate word.

By investing in alcohol and tobacco and other things that kill that business make huge profits on?

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