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Friday, October 2, 2015

Self Help for those who are diagnosed with Schizophrenia 10 02 2015

Self Help for those who are diagnosed with Schizophrenia 10 02 2015

You must be able to articulate every single metaphor that you speak!  Using a metaphor is the apex of literary talent and also indicative that you have the capability for the top tier of analysis which is synthesis.

A metaphor is in effect synthesis.

There are two kinds of people who speak in metaphors.

 1. Those who insult with them. 
2. And those who teach with them.  (Rabbi WAS the name for teacher.)

You can not just use metaphors and expect to not be questioned about them.  So you need to be able to articulate them.  It is hard to do because the thinking required to form them has a great many more premises to it than the average person can remember at one time!  Your mind works differently however;  I will assert that your hippocampus is normal.  The hippocampus is responsible for recalling memories.  You might very well understand something that has multitude of premises to it but the person sitting next to you might be in a confused daze!

Many people who are asking you questions really want to eke out the premises to your synthesis.  And often you will not be able to recall all of them.  Hence in the process you will be subjectively labeled incoherent when it isn't true!

What is true is that many people don't have the capacity to understand metaphors or the ability to respect them.  Instead they resent your ability to think independently.

And what happens?  An institution in this country wants to label you mentally ill because they are of the metaphorical item number 1 above!  In effect there are those who will use metaphors to insult you when you are indeed trying to recall the premises that make up your higher human mind capability.

So it sounds like you are really screwed up.  What a low life person you are!  You could never earn a single amount of any currency.  Relax!  You are not alone!  The only person universally labeled God by religion also spoke in metaphors!  Jesus Christ!  But why did he do so?  Because he was giving the Jews who didn't have the ability to comprehend and form mental constructs something to think about to keep their minds busy and hopefully on a positive track!  Apparently their attention span wasn't long enough to listen and learn from lecture?  And the Bible confirms that too when he scolds them for not coming out in the courtyard to learn no matter how many times he told them too!

And it is very hard to articulate a metaphor when you are confronted with someone that insults you with one while you are attempting to do so!  If they are allowed to do it for too long the mental attrition could cause symptoms that look like confusion?  So indeed that is how the Devil among us wins!  It shouldn't be that way should it!

Full disclosure!  I will NEVER recommend that you attend ANY Church!  But I will recommend that you read the St. Joseph Bible!  When Jesus was in the desert and tempted by demons it is EXACTLY the same as the fraudulent label of SCHIZOPHRENIA!

Now who in this world would not want you to live a happy life using your own mind?  Who would distract you from it?  Some form of illegitimacy among us!  What will that illegitimacy eventually cause?  The extinction of the human race by allowing the illegitimate to succeed when for one very articulate reason; they did not deserve that level of success!

In order to be tempted by demons that demon has to be one with your human conscious mind!  And if they are one with your human conscious mind should they rise to the top in this world and you be last?  No!  Should the animated pieces govern the body they were taken from?  No!

And what is the reality here?  You should NEVER be forced to have to explain a metaphor you speak or say to anyone!  Instead you should be given the same acclaim as Jesus Christ and others, "Wise men speak in riddles."  Rather than, "This person has an invalid reference in thought."  Your thought comes from your personal life experience.  Who on earth would question the validity of your personal experience?  Someone who doesn't experience the world through their own persona necessitated because of a brain deformity?

So what is indeed a cause of violence in this world today?  That which is of the number 1 above antagonizing that which is of the number 2.  Is the criminal motive for that antagonization becoming more clear to you?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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