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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Black Lives Matter and Employment 10 21 2015

Black Lives Matter and Employment 10 21 2015

I think the issue black people have with employment is:

1.  A job necessary to support "Family Life"


2. Necessary for "other" family wealth jobs.


How much work does a person really have to do to support themselves and a family?

And what do we really need as society?  Can goods be created to last so that we don't need as much?  Yes.  Should we be able to produce all we need?  Yes.

And if we are all powering electricity by a solar grid that takes a big cost out of the system.

And should we ever have to work for a person who is a drinker?

And why should a pro sports player make so much money?  Because it took a lot of effort to be where they are?  So what!  It is like learning to walk a tight rope between two buildings, how does that support the economy?  Pro sports don't support the economy.  They make their money by alcohol sales?  And alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.  You know creating people that resent working or those who have their own minds, because they are cognitively disturbed?

Versus, isn't a lot of the work really supporting the wealth of other families?  And the barrier for that can't really be broken!  I think that is how black people see it.  And it is true.


And what about the spoiled will person who can't learn a darn thing in school.  All they really had to do was listen to the teacher and do what the teacher did.  But somehow they weren't able to do that.  Isn't that what school is about?  So if you can't do that how do you expect that person to work?  And do you really believe that customers like to put up with people like that?  So that is indeed going to sink the value of the dollar to nill!  So we are going to have problems.  And nobody wants that spreading to their own country.

So they couldn't listen to the teacher.  But for some reason they can see everything a person who hears voices does in their minds eye?  Who taught them that?  Was it Jewish managers?  Who did this to our country and our world?  Who sold out the human race?

It is real funny isn't it.  A man is struggling to use the skills he learned and developed himself in life.  And while he is doing so he hears a voice penetrating his skull by some mysterious means saying "Booh whooo!"  That is really cute isn't it!

When the emotionally disturbed kid disrupts the classroom we should all clap for him?   The emotionally disturbed kid can't seem to do anything wrong when in fact they are doing everything wrong!   Is this really stereotyping black people or is it highly accurate and truthful?

So maybe indeed they got this way through oppression?  It is a form of learned helplessness?  You would think that people who have faced hard times would respect a human being.  But why isn't that the case?


So lets say that the playing field were leveled somehow.  It could easily be done based on the Constitution.  Then what happens?  Who should be advanced in a multiracial society?

Perhaps one should only advance when it is demonstrated that they are not emotionally disturbed or racists concerning specific and general people?  Should someone that hates people who are more sharp than they are be allowed to be advanced?

If you advance people like that it debases the concept of community.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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