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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Pope Discredits 2000 years of religion while Barack attempts to take away your United States right to own a gun

The Pope Discredits 2000 years of religion while Barack attempts to take away your United States  right to own a gun

What am I getting at?  Pope Francis just stated that there is no Hell and that Adam and Eve were not real.  That discredits or negates 2000 years of religion!  So what was religion really?  A means to control a population!  So while at that same time the President of the United States is acting through an impeachable offense so severe it amounts to treason to usher in a new means of controlling a population; taking away your right to own a gun.

So was 2000 years of religion hiding something?

We are better off with a shooting here and there than with a President that seeks to take away your Constitutional rights and cause an all out Civil War.

And when we see a shooting like this happen do we ever hear the reason the person did it?  What we never hear is the real reason is it!  That person is afraid to say the real reason?  And indeed they are given a narcotic by the state so that they seem incoherent in defense of themselves.  The reason they do those things has something to do with something that is true to them?  And I have to ask you.  When a person dye's there hair red does anyone ever asked how was that person influenced to do that?  The Pope is essentially stepping on the Bible with his remarks.  The Bible tells us without a shadow of a doubt the reality of demonic possession.

So you want to take away a gun here and there.  There is one element you haven't really considered.  This man in the Oregon shooting appears to have Asiatic DNA.  Do you think you are going to take away Native American's Guns?  You could group native Americans, Hispanics and the Chinese Americans as all having Asiatic DNA.  And perhaps those Asiatics believe that they can commit great savage atrocities and take control of the United States?  One thing that they have not thought of is that "You don't have to be a Native American or Asiatic in order to be a tribal chief!!!!!!"

So what happens when you grant yourself the subjective divine right as to who can and cannot have a gun?  You end up with homosexual control of a population?  And with 8,000 accusations of Priest Sex abuse in the Milwaukee Archdiocese alone is that what the Church really amounts to or amounted to?  And perhaps that is why the Pope is bringing it down; he doesn't like that sick reality anymore than you or I do!

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