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Saturday, October 17, 2015

'Schizophrenics' ARE indeed being Hazed 10 17 2015 updated

'Schizophrenics' ARE indeed being Hazed 10 17 2015

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And we already know who forms hazing groups at the exact same time that people develop the symptoms of schizophrenia don't we!  College sororities and fraternities.  So it would be highly misleading to state that a

1.  Faction of our society does not haze.
2.  And that they are of the exact same age as the person developing the symptoms of schizophrenia.

So we have established opportunity.  So what is the motive?  We know that there is a motive because the behavior occurs.  Isn't that something?  That phrase is something that is completely ignored by the United States Civilization.  "We know that there is a motive because the behavior occurs!"


But GENERALLY how do we usually attempt to determine motive?

It has to do with examining the demographic of that person and attempting to determine what their concerns for themselves are at that stage in their life?

In this case it is a person who is looking to achieve two things.

1.  A career after college.  So the motive is to eliminate those whom you would find a direct threat to your success in life.  That person views education from a decrepit perspective doesn't he/she!  The average normal person views education as a self challenge!  But not this evil breed.

2. Find a life mate/ establish a family.  Perhaps a female views this item as a solution to menstrual syndrome?  Hence part of the behavior is hormonal and something she cannot control?  This could indeed lead to great confusion?

3.  Maintain the standard of living, wealth status, they previously had as a child.  So in effect this implies competition.  So this person follows how his/her parents competed?  And in this case they did not compete fairly?  And because of the existence of limited liability otherwise known as Divine Right they never were forced to develop and mature to that adult standard?  So who would you target to haze if you wanted to maintain a better standard of living?  It would be someone you knew was capable of that standard of living or greater.  You wouldn't really care about a low grade imbecilic, you wouldn't haze them because they would not normally make it through the education system by themselves.  So indeed the right of passage or the challenge of learning would limit and eliminate them from the competition.  Therefore you would target the strongest minded people because it would level up your crooked sense of self esteem if you were to play a role in actively preventing them from achieving.  Hence your statement makes a statement of confidence to a woman who is of about your same mental capacity, "Look the best of the best isn't going to be threat to us in this world."

4. Could a person indeed be a racist against those who are more naturally intelligent than them?  Very hard to prove.  But a pattern of life behavior would be a good indicator.

This motive analysis is based on a person having normal cognition to start with, hence it might be flawed and not strong enough of a conviction?

Just a coincidence.  But the eugenics movement started in Alma Wisconsin?  And Alma Mater is the college you graduated from?  They did not want me to take Latin in High School.  Root words.

Alma is the same as Alme.  And Alme is an Egyptian Dancing Girl.

Mater means mother!

What does it all mean?  That the concept of college is that of an Egyptian Dancing Girl as your Mother!

Very few women (including Hillary)  show the legitimacy of a college education.

So how do we right this wrong?  Perhaps in order to prevent it from being this degradation?  No alcohol should be allowed on College Campuses or allowed to be consumed by "collegiate."

So asking someone what college they went to is the equivalent of asking them, "Who was your Egyptian dancing girl."

The irony is that when it is reduced to its own joke the truth of it becomes better known!

Okay and what did good ole Jesus Christ have to say about this? ~ "Those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same mind."

And whose mind is that?  That is the mind that they demonized.  That is you schizophrenic!

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