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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wait for that German Temper 10 20 2015

Wait for that German Temper 10 20 2015

So the United States flushes all the Iraqis into Syria.  Then Bashar kills them with the help of Putin.  And they then flee to Europe.  Arriving in Greece and then Germany.

So apparently Germany needs the labor supply?  How many will it absorb?  And what happens when that German Temper has had enough?

German provides welfare money to them.

The United States has a welfare system too.  And somehow the illegal immigrants from Mexico benefit from it here?  And they are flushed to the United States because of drug lords in Mexico.

So what can we say about this.  Our country accepts them.  And then they become our people.  But they have an enemy right next door in Mexico that wanted to kill them.  So in effect that enemy is the enemy of the United States then too.

So what should be done in situations where Governments effectively don't like people? ( And I will presume that they are not all mentally retards or birth defective. )  Because it really amounts to an attack on the United States you have to destroy the power centers of those countries!  That means you target their city halls and personal residences of politicians, all who you deem to be corrupt, with United States Air Force Strikes and destroy them.

But for some reason we have never been able to put in effective Democratic Governments.  It shouldn't be that hard?  But why is it?  Because anyone who was of any merit would have already been tortured, killed or put on psychiatric medicine by that former government.  Which means that the people have no one to naturally believe in!  All they have are warlord sons' who can talk the talk to look up to. 

So the fact that you can't form a democratic government means that everyone in that country could be labeled an enemy of the United States?  If not one good man can step up to the plate that is how it works!  Think I am terrible?  YOUR GOD OF THE BIBLE BELIEVED THE EXACT SAME THING WITH REGARD TO SODOM AND GHMORRA!

But what does this really amount to?  Both Germany and the United States, who provide welfare facing attacks by narcotic pushing countries?  It is an attack on welfare and an attack on human freedom!  We see it being done by a dictator Bashar (Sp?) and Putin!  Putin who wants communism is killing people!  You can't get a worse contradiction than that!  Do you here him say, I won't kill any more people today, no instead today I invite all to come to my country Russia to prosper.  He may not have a split mind, people like that don't have a good mind that can be split in the first place!  You can't split a rotten apple and distribute it like it is 40 bars of silver.  It doesn't work that way.  Also when you split a good mind those who you believe benefit from it actually end up being life time advocates of everything bad for the human race.  Why?  Because they resent what they are not and never can be!

So what we are seeing is the true meaning of "Money doesn't grow on trees."  It means ape head can't really make money because he thinks it is something that is taken and not earned.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 10 20 2015 at:

And it is a German/Jew temper!  I know because I had a paper route!  That and my lifetime experience with 'those'

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