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Thursday, September 17, 2015

So what does a black boy think about school choice and integration 09 17 2015

So what does a black boy think about school choice and integration 09 17 2015

Does he think that he has greater athletic ability and it will impress the father of a white girl?

Does he think that if he gets that girl pregnant that she won't leave him and he is set?

What does the bad white kid think about school choice? That there is a black boy who I can get to deal my drugs for me!

What does the Catholic Priest think about it? “That black boy will do the sexual molestations so that I don't have to?”

And what did we read about Barack Obama? That he stated he used drugs in high school so that he could forget about who he was?

If a black boy doesn't want to marry a black girl isn't he a racist against his own race?  But we don't even have the proper term for it do we!

So this is School Choice and we are paying for whether we like it or not thanks to Scott Walker.

Tell me how emphasizing athletic performance over academia is good for the country? Isn't that how good neighborhoods go bad? And at Whitefish Bay High School about the time I was there the athletes were the drug dealers! And they also used them! Whatever it is about themselves that they didn't like they were not able to run it off were they. Every drug user is a dealer in my book!

What about Carly Fiorina (spelling?) who lost a son to drug addiction? She was a Corporate Career woman! She chose that field. I have worked for Corporations and it takes up most of your day! I want to say that she made that choice and wasn't there for him. Some wealthy have a derelict raise their children for them. So who did Carly Fiorinas son think he was? I want to research him. Was he targeted because he had his own soul and fur ears the drug dealer wanted to screw him up?

But I think the drug problem is like this. Some cannot form a human conscience and reason and seek to drug those that can. To them drugs are a false reward system. I will reward myself for being someone else? I will reward myself for what? Athletic achievement? If you reward yourself for academic achievement with drugs you don't further one single profession in life do you!  The druggy takes drugs because he doesn't have his own human soul and can't stand that reality!  Now that isn't some norm in the human species is it!  That is the hidden belief that isn't true!

So you wait for some bright eyed kid to go to college so that you can haze their mind from them? As happened at Barrack College?(Spelling?)

But she is right on Donald Trump going bankrupt. And she is right about something needing to be done about the drug problem? She is right that the drugs today are more addictive. Per my memory she went bankrupt with Hewlett Packard too. But if she said that drug dealers should be executed I would be with her on that!

So Donald Trump would bankrupt the entire country and when it happens he would deny he did because of legalize or nomenclature? How can you not make money with a Casino? Because your employees don't respect you and pilfer? So what kind of a national leader in terms of jobs would he be? It would be a joke like his apprentice show! Bring in all the successful freaks who had facial plastic surgery and watch how emotionally disturbed they become when they have to cooperate with another human being! Yeah he'll claim he has great personal resources.

Do you trust a woman to be a mother of your country when she could not even be a mother of her son? If you can't blame a parent for their own bad kid who can you blame for anything?

You would think that I hate Donald and Carly (sp?) But I don't! I can't understand what they are doing here. They are so insignificant to me that I don't even check the proper spelling of their names!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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