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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Errant Belief System 09 13 2015

Errant Belief System 09 13 2015

The mentally defective believe that chanting to you is far more beneficial to their health than any form or amount of physical exercise would be!

It isn't true!

Now let's say that they do have brain defect, couldn't that recovery from exercise period help to transform or normalize that physical brain defect? Why would this be true? Because the recovery period forces them to think about what they just did! In effect you are forming human memory in them! And hence it is part of human conscience and human reason formation too!

When you hear voices doesn't it really mean that some forms of people have a fixation on you?
And when they do they don't really think about themselves and they either get fat like a baked up cake or dwindle to nothing.

It isn't fair to say that people who are traumatized have a fixation on the person who did it to them. That is indeed self serving devil language. Did that someone actually physically hurt you or are you just an emotionally immature baby?

Fixation might be a way of determining a metabolic germ or genetic defect; in the person who has the fixation. So indeed when one of us hears voices it is because another of us has a fixation; likely caused by a genetic defect?

That genetic defect might indeed be transformed to go away through physical activity. Indeed genes can transform from what you were born with to something better through life activity? If you sleep deprive someone they can develop schizophrenia which is genetically different? No! That sounds like fraud to me or self serving devil terminology again! The schizophrenic likely always had those pure human genes.

Can a person be disciplined enough so that they develop self discipline and their behavior changes their genealogy to be a better person. I doubt it, but be hopeful if you are that way.

Narcotics (defined as something that makes you sleepy) will NEVER do that! They are a form of escapism which prevents you from self discipline required to change and be a better person! Instead of self disciplining yourself you rewarded yourself with the escapism from reality that the narcotic provided to you.

So when you hear a voice you can determine that someone has a fixation on you? And that fixation needs physical activity treatment and healing foods!!!

Again the more that they are allowed to fixate the sicker they will get! Even die from it!

So what is the big deal you say if you do not have your own cognition. “A bad one fixates on you and a more mature and older one more positively fixates on you.” It should not be that way! You should not have been born into fixation. Here we can make the equivalent of being born into fixation as being born into perdition. Why shouldn't it be that way? Because the good one suffers needlessly!

Let's add medical fraud and a non human consumed parasite to the mix.

Let's say that a person fixates on your energy body. Lets say that you have a tapeworm in your belly that the Doctors won't acknowledge because they are genocidal like those nurses in Belgium in recent news. So that person fixates on you, how do you know that they are not receiving more of the energy body of that tapeworm? So here a co-dependence is being created? And I know that this is so far out that very few of you will comprehend it. But some might.

But one more point they fixate on you because they believe in your mind over theirs! Much like the goal of the Sikh religion is to join with a higher consciousness termed God. Doesn't that really imply that those who fixate do not have the genetic basis for normal human development of consciousness? In terms of the mind body Hindu ? belief system. (Which might have arisen to combat this errant belief system. ) They seek to adjoin to your mind rather than do the work to develop their own mind and body. It isn't really a way of complementing yourself if you practice it is it! It is as if you are labeled yourself with a dunce hat everywhere you go. Perhaps I should sell dunce hat shirt pins?

So perhaps a bad person physically hurt someone and that person cursed them for it. Does the person who is cursing them have a fixation upon them? No the person that was violent is the one in the wrong and justice should have been able to discipline them from that behavior. But what I am getting at is a spoiled person that nothing is required from. Having the desire to harm people so that their consciousness is indeed fragments of those who curse them. That would be how Jesus defined satan or I define the mentally defective or criminal minded.

So what happens next? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Why form your own human mind when you can steal the souls of human beings instead? Why do your own intelectual work when you can sit back and fur ears sponge everything in from humanity? It allow belongs to you because you are nothing and not one of us?

Lets all drink to our hearts content, have mentally retarded children and curse family lines by causing them to hear voices. No one will notice. We will only do it to skipped generations. We will just ruin the credibility of the people we do it to. Who believes a homeless person? After we are done with that humans mind' they will be incoherent! Fun, fun fun we will have. And that is the theme of the Judea Ledger. We will attain great wealth from that and thereby control the human race; so noone will ever be successful in their protest against us. The only way I can prove you are wrong is that you have no human conscience and the chemical waste laden in our water and air is going to kill all of us. But you will be the last to go because you have borrowed human conscience so it doesn't really matter to you until that last end. I hope you end up in eternal damnation or purgatory after that! Screaming in pain and agony in a black hole forever where no one will ever hear you! That is indeed how God's poetic justice works! It is infallible!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
originally published on 09 13 2015 at:

And perhaps with this article I have given new meaning to a brand new philosophy of "Determinism"

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