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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Key Tenets like the Founding Fathers and Great minds in U.S. History 12 27 2011

Key Tenets like the Founding Fathers and Great minds in U.S. History 12 27 2011

“Give me Liberty or give me death.”  They’d want to medicate you and lock you up if you started saying that publicly today!

“All men are created equal!” and “One nation under God.”  The race dominated by women would disagree with the first part and the snake like mind of an atheist would want to label you delusional for believing in God!  They would say you have no proof in your belief so you should be locked up as you are a risk to society (just the opposite is true!)

“No genius is free from the teachings of madness,” If you said this about yourself they would claim you had delusions of grandeur and are really mentally ill and need to be medicated.

“We come here seeking freedom from religion,” again if you said that you believed in one nation under God they would try and heavily tax you for having that belief.  They would say the most common delusion a schizophrenic has is the belief in Jesus Christ.

What is my point?  All these strong philosophies that formed this country are ones we are not supposed to have today!

The nonworking class and those in political power have used these kinds of beliefs to define what they would term schizophrenic!  “These philosophies are Schizophrenic,” they would say!

Why are there no good men in the United States today?  They have all been disempowered by the Satanic and labeled schizophrenic.  Their intellects and souls have been capitalized on.  The Satanic can be considered a race of women, and men who think like women.

Satanic Dependent minded; there is nothing wrong with being dependent minded, as long as you do not seek to demonize the minds you are dependent to!  For when the dependent minded rule over the great thinkers you have deterioration in the foundation of greatness.

We all might be dependent minded, so for one person or group to latch onto one great mind and bring it down to feed on it is indeed a crime against humanity.  And this crime has been legitimized by the United States Government. 

Maybe it is a play on words- the illegitimate legitimize what can make them wealthy?  The illegitimate have legitimized a soul crime!  If you hear it, you are of the same greatness as the person whom you hear it from, and you are also subject to being demonized because of it later in life.

It is kind of like- those who had their souls immaculately conceived also have the power of Immaculate Conception.  And what does it mean to be immaculately conceived?  It means you were given a starter soul by God and it is a pretty good one!  What do the race of dependent minded do?  They track that starter soul back to you and latch onto it and won’t let go because it is so much better.  That is why you hear voices- they do not want to ever lose their connection to you!

What’s wrong with this country and the world today is that this is the machination whereby the great minds are labeled insane!

How does this happen?  Those who have heard you all their lives need to perpetrate and keep the illusion alive that they are you!  And they cannot do this with your mind actively thinking!  And the United States Government has created technologies that prevent great thinkers from actively thinking for themselves.  Why?  So that those in power and chosen to be in power can maintain a delusion of greatness!

Those who cannot create and where breastfed with your soul want to say, “Mine, Mine, Mine.” With regard to everything you think and do!

It kind of reminds me of the lyrics from an 80’s song, “The grabbing hands grab all they can, everything counts in large amounts!”  The grabbing hands are also a theme from a Picasso painting.  Most artists are said to have tormented minds, is it the minds of those who would call themselves scientists; who have observed, tormented and then defined them.  Why would they torment them?  Because they were raised to hear them!  And are unable to sever the connection any other way other than to scientifically label them with a stigma.  Then the process works that they ritualistically poison their minds and bodies, with scientifically proven “humane” treatments!

First Satan poisons you so that he/she can then say you need to take his poison- a poison you have to take and one that he charges you to take and one that you are mandated to take!  What is this?  This is Satan creating an unnatural archetype of creation so that he can feel he is something he isn’t!  It is him creating an odd an sick analogy for himself/herself that mimics the starter soul of creation he couldn’t wean himself/herself from in any other way!  (The hidden archetype in the movie “Drop Dead Fred!”)

Thomas Paul Murphy

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