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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anti Zombie Notes 12 29 2011

Anti-zombie Notes 12 29 2011

Are women demonic possessing using the iron in your body as a substitute for what was lost in their menses? If you think this is true wave your fingers like they are a Japanese fan and you will momentarily defeat them- stuff like this irks them!

Technologies to consider:  A motorized spinning chair- they can’t synchronize with your mind as well when you spin around like that.  They get idiot dizzy and have accidents!  (When you spin or do stuff that would put others off balance but not yourself.)

They have also created a synthetic telepathy wave that is constant and of newer zero amplitude- it is like a magnetic pulse wave blanketing technology!

One of the first signs of demonic possession is a ringing in your ears and a dry scalp.

Demonic possession is a superimposed energy body.

How to defeat it:

1.      Ground yourself by touching metal plumbing- this helps dissipate the superimposed energy body.

2.      Use an electro: stimulating type product:  Hulda Clark’s works the best.

3.      Anti EMF bed sheets that are grounded, just buy fabric to length.  I will tell you how to ground it very easily by email but don’t have time now.

4.      The herb rue works.

5.      Plug your ears so you can hear yourself breath and then breath through your nose and imagine the sound it makes as a sound that erases the mind of the Generalized Demonic Possessor (GDP?)

Dependent minded like war because it is the perfect opportunity for him/her to torture others from their souls!

Countermeasure:  Work while listening to the radio or television and it forces them to synchronize with you working or use active denial systems so get you to turn the channel!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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